Unleash Your Potential with a Powerful Resume Brand

Unleash potential

Unleash Your Potential with a Powerful Resume Brand

Employers are looking for communication, collaboration, analytical, research and overall technical skills. Leadership skills are important for career growth. But technology is changing daily between collaboration tools (Google Apps, Slack or Skype), social media and even basic email. So how do you ensure that your careers skills are marketable? Here are three ways to help boost your resume brand that will gain you the top skills to advance to the next step in your career.

1 ) Free Videos – It is unbelievable the amount of free online videos available to learn new skills. Do you need to learn how to use Google Apps? Check out Google’s library of free videos. Of course, YouTube has millions of videos. Look for videos that have numerous views. Just a few minutes a day can provide new skills that are valuable in the marketplace.

2) Paid videos – Are you looking for more than a YouTube video? Check out some cost-effective video training on Udemy. Udemy sources their training videos from coaches around the world. They break the videos into easy 5-10 minute sessions, and you can track your progress so you don’t have to take the course in one sitting. Udemy offers over 35,000 high on-demand courses to more than 9 million students worldwide with topics ranging anywhere from programming to yoga to photography and so much more. Look out for great dealsYou can improve your skills over a few lunch breaks to ensure that you are a more valuable employee.

3) Networking and Conferences – Getting out into the world is very educational. Just talking to people and understanding what problems and solutions they are using within their organizations are very helpful. And conferences have some great panelists that discuss current business cases. If you can’t make a conference, look for ones that live stream their conference. For example, Satya Nadella laid out his vision for Microsoft at Dreamforce 2015. It is all on YouTube for your educational experience. Add inspiration to your career goals by exploring the world around you.

Yes, the world is changing fast but a little curiosity will take you a long way toward improving your skills. There are numerous resources that cost little or no money so you can add value to your organization. These methods of learning are time efficient and cost effective. Take advantage of what’s out there and move your career forward.

Question to readers: What is your favorite method of learning a new skill?


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