The Top 5 Industries That Let You Work from Anywhere

The Top 5 Industries That Let You Work from Anywhere

Telecommuting has always been an incredibly attractive option for a number of reasons. Many people simply want to avoid sitting in traffic, while others want to be able to earn money and advance their careers while traveling. Whatever your reasons, there are a number of fields that allow you to develop your career path while working from anywhere in the world. Read on here to learn about the top five industries that make it easier than ever to work from wherever you call home.


  1. Writing and Editing


Whether you’re interested in gaining experience in marketing or you want to edit novels for an established publisher, working as a home-based writer or editor is a great option. Even before Craigslist helped connect editors with novelists and writers with marketing companies, using an English degree to work from anywhere offered an attractive opportunity for freelancers.


While many people choose this path to make a little extra on the side, many companies end up offering high quality long-term freelancers full time jobs.


  1. Tutoring


If you have a degree in a particular field, or already have experience as a teacher’s assistant, tutoring is the perfect work-from-anywhere career choice for you! Many online tutoring companies offer to connect experienced teachers with students who need their services. Simply proving your expertise and applying online makes it a nearly effortless option for those who want to earn extra money on the side or gain experience before starting the hunt for a more stable teaching job.


You can even take your experience as a tutor to the next level and work as an online curriculum developer or program director.


  1. Accounting and Finance


With the development and proliferation of highly detailed bookkeeping software—like QuickBooks or Zoho Books—accountants and finance experts can work from anywhere balancing books, organizing data, or filing taxes. For those with experience in the financial field, working remotely with companies nationwide opens up a whole new world of clients and possibilities. This is an ideal field for someone looking to start an online accounting or tax filing business.


  1. Customer Service


Most of the time, customer service representatives are helping clients over the phone or through email. Since working face to face isn’t necessary, this is the ideal job for people who want to work from anywhere in the world. While you will need to do a little extra homework to thoroughly understand a company’s products or services, it’s definitely worth it to be able to create your own schedule and work from a comfortable space (just make sure you have an efficient home office set up!).


These roles are typically represented as contact center agent, technical support, customer care associate, or customer service representative. Look for these job titles when applying.


  1. Sales


This field is really for people who are extremely motivated and driven. Most sales jobs have quotas and monthly goals—even for people working remotely. While you don’t need a specific degree or tons of previous work experience, you do need to be very good at promoting products and services, as well as convincing people that what you’re selling can make a significant improvement in their lives.


If you end up working a sales job where cold calling is the norm, be ready for lots of people to hang up right away. Cultivate a tough mentality that allows you to move on to the next without too much trouble.


Other Industries Where Working Remotely Is Popular


These five industries are by no means the only jobs that allow you to work from anywhere! You can find remote work in the medical and health fields, administration, computers and technology, and adult education. Remote workers in all these fields are growing exponentially and providing new opportunities for people who are interested in spending more time living and less time commuting!


Tiffany Young (Rauschenberger)

Tiffany Young (Rauschenberger) is a freelance writer, content strategist, and former graduate assistant. She frequently writes about the latest developments in teaching, public policy, standardized testing, and educational technology.

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