Social Marketing Strategy in HR Management

Social Marketing Strategy in HR Management


While human resources once solely relied on releasing a job advertisement and interviewing the candidates who came forward, it is now revolutionized. It has become a mainstream tool aligned with the online presence of just about every serious business. Very few online business profiles don’t include information on vacancies and careers, and even fewer don’t advertise for various jobs simultaneously on multiple platforms. The talent pool is no longer restricted to the local area around your business, instead you have a whole world full of the best and brightest, all within your reach, and all able to become an asset to your company. There are several ways to make combining social marketing and human resources, which can result in you finding the best possible recruits for your business.


1.      Delegate Writing and Editing For Consistent, Original Posts

If you’re posting blogs or business journals, or even job advertisements onto social media, then you need to make sure they are perfect. Nobody is attracted to companies who appear sloppy, and don’t have professional, grammatically correct, well-phrased posts, as it really does make the business look bad. These posts also have to be delivered regularly, and should all be original and engaging. This is a significant workload to add onto people who already have full-time jobs within your business, and so it is at this point that a lot of companies choose to outsource their content writing to online writers and editors. Should you wish to post an advert and conduct interviews to find your perfect writer, then you’ll feel most comfortable using Upwork or Freelancer. However, if you’re looking for something fast and efficient, then selecting the service you want with Ukwritings might be for you. These platforms are great for finding a writer or editor, but if you want someone more specialized towards online business, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at People Per Hour. Any one of these sites could be the key to hiring someone who can run your social marketing like a fine tuned machine, and take a whole lot of work off your plate.


2.      Focus On Quality

Before you upload anything about your business, it should be thoroughly checked over. However, when you’re combining your post with HR and trying to attract the best possible candidates, you need to go above and beyond normal requirements and ensure your post is as good as it can possibly be. Some great ideas and advice can be found on Academized which serves as an amazing editing tool. There’s also no way of escaping the fact that search engines prefer posts over 2000 words long, and so to get you message out to the public, you should make sure you are meeting this criteria. You can check this on the go with Easy Word Count.


3.      Optimize Twitter

Twitter and Facebook are the two most mainstream platforms that HR managers tend to use to attract potential new recruits. However, it is also worth spending some time to figure out how this platform works. Hashtags are a huge part of twitter, however be aware of the risk of being too vague – your tweet could end up lost. Add a city or a small descriptor to your hashtag, or simply use online tools to track the success of different hashtags in order to come up with something perfect.


4.      Invest In Facebook

While a lot of social media’s benefits come free of charge, there is something to be said for speculating in order to accumulate. Investing in Facebook adverts can be integral to making sure your message reaches the right people, and doesn’t get lost in the millions of profiles on the platform. As Facebook is being used in more varied ways than ever – for everything from news to buying and selling goods, there is no reason why people won’t be looking for jobs there too.


5.      Make The Most Of Employees You Have

Employees should always be valued and appreciated. However, when you have reliable employees who are an asset to your business, chances are that they know more people like them, who could also be great additions to your office environment. Having your employees share new job postings across their own social media is a great way to attract more like-minded individuals to your company. Having positive reviews and testimonials from your current employees also enhances your reputation as a business, while negative reviews of your workplace could cause you to lose out on staff.


6.      Be Interactive

Across all social media when you’re looking to recruit, it’s hugely important to be a friendly and engaged presence. Answer questions and respond to feedback and people will be more inclined to work with you, as they’ll feel a relationship has been established, and that they won’t be ignored in their new job.

Managing HR well can help you run a great business, full of happy and hard working staff. Following the tips above can help you find those staff members.

Sharon Conwell

Sharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and an editor at She’s specializing at content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby.

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