5 Ways Writing Skills May Help Land A Perfect Job

5 Ways Writing Skills May Help Land A Perfect Job

Today’s organizations are fast appreciating the need to hire capable writers to streamline their online, marketing and internal documentation. Thus, if you are a talented writer, interested in pursuing a career in content development as well as other popular digital careers in 2019, you’ll be happy to hear that there are job vacancies (not available just a few years ago) that post this skill as the primary job requirement.

Writing skills are not restricted exclusively to traditional areas such as copywriting. You can make good use of your writing ability across many contemporary fields and professions. Whether you are in marketing, human resources, law or business administration, you will find an interdependence between your core job description and a writing role.

Here are just a few ways how improving your writing skills can be a game-changer in furthering your career.

Expressing Yourself Through a Quality Resume

Many individuals with an impressive employment history find resume writing to be extremely challenging. Although they may be very proficient at their specific job function, many are unable to effectively articulate their skills in a resume or a cover letter. This can leave highly qualified candidates with little alternative but to retain a recruitment firm or resume building service, a potentially expensive predicament. In contrast, if you are a skilled writer, you can convey your best qualities in a well-formulated approach. This greatly enhances the odds of getting to the interview phase, which is one step closer to getting the job.

Helping to Identify the Field That Interests You Most

In addition, utilizing your writing skills to blog or otherwise contribute to publication sites, has several somewhat hidden benefits. Specifically, blogging requires that you hone your research skills. Also, many sites or blogs invite ghostwriters and contributors. Regularly contributing facilitates a process of self-realization, whereby you flesh out those topics of greatest interest. Your best writing often goes hand-in-hand with your strongest curiosities. The process of putting your thoughts into words can lead to those fields of endeavor that you’d most like to pursue. The combination of research and writing can create a powerful tool for career development.

Building a Writing Portfolio

If you want to develop a pure writing career, a key step is building an article portfolio. This includes links to websites, blogs, assignment writing services, or other samples you’ve written as a ghostwriter for clients on such platforms as Upwork, thepensters, essay edge or as a freelancer. Real and original samples of your work can speak volumes about your talent. If you happen to have your own blog with a dedicated audience, all the better.

Contributing to Cross-Departmental Roles

As noted above, quality writing is frequently the communication link across multiple departments of an effective organization. The marketing department requires content for such things as social media posts, landing pages and sales presentations. Human Resources needs content for employee documentation and performance appraisal reports. For production, content is required for product descriptions, quality assessment reports and the like. Good writing can be the glue of the operation. If you write well, your versatility grows. This increases the value you offer to the firm and thus greatly increases your chances of initially getting hired and then growing on the job.

A Strategic Advantage

Being a good writer is among the strategic secrets for negotiating your way to a win-win. Having good writing skills undoubtedly provides an advantage in articulating your views. In the interview context, expressing yourself clearly and confidently can go a long way in demonstrating your cultural fit within the team. This puts you one large step closer to getting an offer.

Writing skill can then become the secret sauce in building and advancing your career. The written word creates first and lasting impressions. Good writing can help organize thoughts, open doors, drive business and provide the lifeblood of an organization.

…and consider, if the time comes for you to change the path of your career, a persuasive writer might even be able to pen a very good and kind resignation letter to your former employer once you land a better job.

Jacob Dillon

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society.

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