How to Snag Your Dream Job

How to Snag Your Dream Job

Whether you’re sitting on years of experience or merely an entry-level university graduate, your mind is hooked on an ambitious dream that you wish to pursue. The position is a rather particular one, where you envision yourself to thrive within the role. You have also developed an attraction to work for a specific company, which will allow you to excel at your dream job. However, attaining such a position is never an immediate feat, where you will be required to go through an intensive process. Nevertheless, here are 8 tips to assist you to successfully achieve your dream job.


  • Know what your dream job is


Have a clear understanding of your dream job description. What is the actual position title that you are pursuing? What industry and what company do you wish to work in? Gather advice from your current employer, family and friends to help you determine your passions and suitability for the position. Consider the underlying reasons as to why you decided to pursue this job. Be familiar with what the role would involve and the daily tasks or projects that are required to fulfil the role. Gain a better understanding of your dream job by conducting research. You can also schedule meetings with people who have already successfully acquired your dream job and investigate their journey to attaining the position. Be highly knowledgeable about your company of choice and why your dream position within that company is particularly rewarding.


  • Find different ways of job-hunting


Discover unconventional ways to finding a job. Not only will there be less candidates applying for the position, but you may discover opportunities that are only exposed through exclusive avenues and specific to your dream job. Seek for your dream position via Gumtree which is a platform that lists thousands of job openings and niches that are available in your local area. You can also scout for positions through attending job fairs which allows you to be exposed to new job openings and network with recruiters and employers.


  • Build your professional network


Develop connections through networking apps via LinkedIn or attending professional events and conferences. Your aim is to attain a referral from the networks that you have created, to lead you to your dream job. Build your professional network by inviting people within your dream company to a meeting over coffee. Coffee chats have become an increasingly popular method of networking as it allows professionals to foster creativity and ideas in a context outside their office environment. Rather than directly demanding for a job, ask for recommendations and suggestions. Industry professionals will regard your questions as a reflection of your passion of attaining your dream job and are more likely to consider you for opportunities.


  • Develop your resume profile


Not everyone will immediately land your dream job overnight. But to accelerate the process, apply for other similar positions as stepping stones to build your resume and skills. To have a higher likelihood of securing your dream job, build up on relevant qualifications and courses that will allow you to develop the skill sets and attain certificates that are required.


  • Develop skills


Even if do not currently work in the same industry as your dream job, you can optimise your time by learning skills on your own. This include technical skills such as Excel spreadsheets, creative software and platforms or even improving proficiency in smartphone applications and social medias. You should also refine soft skills such as interpersonal and communication skills, leadership and teamwork. A high focus on developing qualities such as EQ is integral for advancing in higher management roles. Not only can such skills can be developed through career jobs, but also through volunteering and extracurricular activities such as team sports and taking part in coordinating student and community-run societies.


  • Know your industry landscape


Conduct continuous research. Keep up to date on the latest industry trends and company news through social media, news articles, blog posts and podcasts. Be attentive to changes in legislation, introductions to major technologies or events that have had a major impact on the industry landscape. Become an avid reader and subscriber to relevant industry content and articles relating to your dream position.


  • Refine the application process


Refine your online application skills by including your skills and experience and how it relates to the industry. Prepare for online video interviews and personal face to face interviews. You can also conduct research on assessment centres and practice completing case studies in a group context among your peers. Practice cognitive and practical online tests that may appear in the application stage of attaining your dream job. It is also critical to ensure that your follow-up after the job interview is successful. This can be achieved by asking relevant questions to the recruiter as well as expressing appreciation and thanks through a post-interview email.


  • Don’t leave your current job


Don’t leave your current job until you are fully secured into the contract of your dream job! You may be doing a lot of work regarding networking and job-hunting to achieve your dream position but you still need to sustain an avenue of income while you are in the process. Your current job will act as a safety net in the event that you are unsuccessful in securing your dream job immediately.

Regardless of the situation, persist with your efforts and don’t give up on your feat of achieving your dream job. Your passion will drive you toward success! What tips will you use to successfully snag the job of your dreams?

Jade Anderson

Jade Anderson is an experienced In-house Editor at Upskilled. With a background in online marketing, Jade runs some successful websites of her own. Her passion for the education industry and content is displayed through the quality of work she offers.

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