How to Reinvent Your Career with Education

How to Reinvent Your Career with Education

John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

The idea of having a bachelor’s or master’s degree is a confidence builder. As the years pass in a career, most people prefer not to go back to University or college to continue education.

The truth is continuous learning is attractive to human resources managers and your boss, if it is spontaneous without your manager suggesting it.

Here are simple ways to reinvent yourself with the help of education:


Compare Your Options

I highly recommend conducting a course compare research on a variety of schools and online courses. You may have a school in mind. However, comparing location, course costs, the curriculum and expectations will help with the search.


Share the News

What is education without recognition? The moment a certificate, degree or diploma is received tell your colleagues. Before applying for a course, share the news with a manager. The most that will happen is her or she will hold you accountable. Here are a few creative ways to share your educational aspirations:

  • Add a social media post about the announcement and experience
  • Paste a sticker of the school in your office
  • Send an email recommendation to family, colleagues, and friends
  • Tell human resources about the accomplishment

A quick update with colleagues and professional connections can lead to a promotion or new work-related opportunities.


Lead the Team

Once you learn a new curriculum, you can lead the way as a subject matter expert on the team. In a team meeting, communicate a new perspective to help the organization reduce expenses, increase work productivity or embrace new technology.

Now is the time to become an asset to the company with the help of education learned.


Invent a New Strategy

Think of what you learned and how it can relate to the business. Invent a name for the strategy or present one the department is unfamiliar with to implement it at work potentially. Here are ways to connect with people in the organization to help you:

  • Ask to meet with the Business Analyst to discover threats to the company
  • Attend a leadership meeting to find out how you can create positive change
  • Pay attention to team meetings to learn colleague’s concerns

The money invested is meant to be applied immediately at work. Determine how you can be an asset to the company, and promotion or increase in income will follow.


Learn Through Wisdom

At times, education can be the interaction with a person in the industry that has decades of experience. If you cannot pay for your education or are unable to receive educational funding in an employee benefits program, connect with a mentor. An executive or career coach can add a perspective that can teach you advice an education might not teach you.

Remember continuous education is a lifetime of learning. Invest in your personal development to change your mindset about both success and failure. Good luck!

Makeda Waterman

Makeda Waterman is an online journalist with writing clips on CNBC Make It., Yahoo Finance News, Huffington Post, and, among others. She is passionate about helping people enhance their career.

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