How to Raise Financially Sensible Kids in 10 Actionable Steps

How to Raise Financially Sensible Kids in 10 Actionable Steps

There’s no doubt that you want the very best for your children. You wish for them to grow up to be healthy, happy, and financially prudent. But being new to parenting, chances are you and your partner don’t have the slightest idea on how to make that wish a reality, particularly when it comes to making your kids financially sensible.

Because let’s face it — you’re no financial expert yourself. Managing your own expenses can often be a challenge. So, how do you ensure your kids are able to manage their monthly bills, have a good credit score, and live within their means when the time comes?

While there are countless factors that come into play, and in the end, it’s their life decisions that determine their financial fate, there’s a lot you can do (even before they enter the teenage years) to increase your odds of being triumphant in raising self-sufficient kids. From guiding them to picking a career path they enjoy to charging “rent” and getting creative with the allowance, there are steps you can take right now to make sure you’re doing the best you can.
Take a look at the infographic below by Peachy which neatly outlines ten actionable steps you can execute pronto.

Infographic By Peachy Steps to Make Your Kids Financially Independent: An Infographic

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