How to Make Your Office Look More Comfortable

How to Make Your Office Look More Comfortable

You need a comfortable workplace to enhance your productivity. While your desk and chair are essential for basic comfort, you can still do more to improve your workplace. From creating a brighter space to removing clutter, you can apply these simple tips to create the type of office you want.

1. Improve climate control

Your office temperature can affect your team’s productivity and performance. In fact, a study conducted by Cornell University scientists showed that workers made 44 percent more errors when the office temperatures dropped significantly. So what can you do to manage office temperature and increase your comfort?

  • Open your blinds. Keep your curtains and blinds open during the day. This allows more natural light to come in. Natural sunlight will heat up your office space. You can close the blinds at night to retain heat
  • Use a personal fan. If you are “melting” during summer, get a small USB powered fan. This will make the heated air around your body to circulate quickly, keeping you cool as you work.
  • Switch off unused electronics. Reduce the additional heat produced by unused lights, machines, and gadgets by turning them off. This will also help you to save money on your utility bills.

2. Enhance your lighting

If you spend most hours of your work day glued to your computer screen, you must have proper lighting. Good lighting increases overall comfort and reduces eye strain. So ensure that you adjust the blinds, to bring in more natural light during the day. 

Natural light is better for your eyes than artificial white light. However, as the sun sets, you will discover the overhead lights may be insufficient. Then you can improve the lighting on your table with a desk lamp. You may also use a mirror to make your space look larger and improve the lighting in your work space.

3. Remove clutter

Clutter distracts your mind and makes you less productive. A space with less clutter is more  visually appealing and reduces stress. To declutter your office space, apply these tips.

  • Make a list of essential items. Over the next two weeks, write a list of items you use and need to keep. 
  • Make a decision on non-essential items. Resist the temptation to keep holding on to items you don’t need. You should make a quick decision to either donate, dispose, or store away items that you don’t use every week.
  • Clean your office regularly. Schedule time for cleaning your office space at least once in a week. This makes it easy to reduce clutter by discovering items you don’t need to keep.

4. Reorganize your work space

Keep a small cabinet or personal drawer beside you where you can keep your work documents and personal items. You will find items and documents faster and improve productivity. Here are some tips to help you reorganize your workspace.

  • Get containers for office supplies. You need to have a tray to keep paper documents and an organizer for arranging office supplies.
  • Use cubicle walls. Place your file holders on your cubicle walls. You can make some yourself or buy some of the attractive ones available in the market.

5. Add indoor plants

Various studies have shown that indoor plants can reduce workplace stress and improve productivity. Most indoor plants are quite resilient (the need little water and soil) and they don’t require a lot of attention and care. You can place plants near your desk and other parts of your office. Some of the indoor plants you should consider include:

  • Jade Plant: The jade plant is a succulent plant with small flowers and needs minimal watering. 
  • Peace Lily: This plant has large leaves and it also purifies the air. It can grow in an office space with low lighting.
  • Chinese Evergreen: This beautiful plant, with small dark green leaves, needs minimal maintenance. It also thrives in low light conditions.

6. Use ergonomically designed furniture

Ergonomics is the science of designing work furniture to suit the human being who will use it. Chairs and tables designed with ergonomic principles can be adjusted to enhance good posture while you work. This in turn makes you feel more comfortable and improves your performance. 

Using ergonomic furniture keeps your body well aligned and balanced, It reduces lower back pain and injuries to your spine and other parts of your body. So ensure that each workstation in your office has an adjustable chair with effective lumbar support and armrests. In addition, investing in a sit-stand desk that allows you to work on your laptop in a sitting or standing position will enhance your health and productivity.

These simple tips can help you turn your office into a comfortable sanctuary. Take steps today to reorganize your office space so you can have more productive hours at work.

Tanya Mayer

Tanya Mayer is a writer and a mother of two youngsters. She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, reading books and cooking. You can reach her at

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