Build a Successful Career in eCommerce Industry: Top 5 Opportunities

Build a Successful Career in eCommerce Industry: Top 5 Opportunities

eCommerce is one of the most prospering industry today. Global eCommerce retail sales will reach $4.88 trillion by 2021. 

There’s no wonder why people around the world craves to build a career in it. Either you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer, or a technical person, you have vast opportunities in eCommerce. 

So, here in this post, we will show you some of the top eCommerce career paths to pursue.  

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Launch Your Own Business 

People love to shop over the Internet and get the product delivered at their doorstep. If you want to start as an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is launch your own business. 

For example- 

  • You can sell your very own brand products like specially curated organic food, oil, or beauty products. 
  • You can build an online store that sells multiple brands from different producers. 
  • Start a SaaS platform to help other eCommerce platform, etc. 

You can get help from this post by Entrepreneur, which shows how to launch an eCommerce business in a week. 

Be A Technical Hand 

All the digital business platform needs immense technical input. So, if you are in any of these fields, you will find a lot of opportunities in eCommerce. 

You can trail your career as a software engineer, design lead, technical engineer, and server application developer, etc. 

According to PayScale, the average yearly salary of a US software developer is $59.9k to $124K. A design lead can also make more or less the same amount. 

There are ton’s of eCommerce company come along into the market every day. They need your technical help if you have the proper ability. 

Be A Marketer

According to a 2018 MarketingCharts report, demand for digital marketing talents is 59%. 

Let’s see what break you may seize as a marketer in the eCommerce industry. 

i. Digital Marketer

ii. Content Strategist

iii. Content Marketer

iv. Email Marketer

v. Search Engine Marketer

Every eCommerce business needs to make a dominant online presence, entice new customers, increase brand awareness to drive conversions and sales. Any of these goals can’t be reachable without the marketers.

To excel as a successful marketer, you can follow the top marketing professionals in the sector. 

For example, you can observe the activities of Neil Patel. His blogs and videos help you to understand the digital marketing game better.  

One more striking way is getting help from eCommerce learning platforms like Intent Marketer. 

A digital marketer makes $65k to $98k in a year.

Be An Optimizer 

Optimization means ensuring an unforgettable experience for your customers by improving every part of your eCommerce website. An eCommerce company needs to optimize its elements like homepage, landing pages, site navigation, conversion, customer service, and content, etc. 

So what are the optimization branches and opportunities in eCommerce?

i. Search Engine Optimizer: A Search Engine Optimizer aims to rank a business website on the first page of Google search. On average, a Search Engine Optimization Specialist can make $45k yearly.

Renowned Canadian SEO expert Paul Teitelman is a great example of a successful SEO professional. He has helped thousands of business worldwide, including eCommerce business, to achieve their SEO goals. 

ii. User Experience Optimizer: An User Experience Optimizer makes a site design more accessible to the customer. The average yearly income of a UX optimizer or strategist is $84k. 

Don Norman is a great example of a successful UX expert. He is the person who launched the term “user experience” and is an acknowledged UX expert worldwide. 

iii. Conversion Rate Optimizer: Conversion optimization is the process for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers. A conversion optimization specialist earns an average of $46k in a year. 

When it comes to CRO, Peep Laja is a living legend. He has been helping eCommerce and several other types of business worldwide by his conversion optimization agency conversion xl. So having skills in conversion optimization techniques and user experience can unlock enormous career opportunities in the eCommerce industry. 

vi. Content Optimizer: Content optimization is a way that makes sure the content of an eCommerce site is accessible and readable to a large number of people. A Content Optimizer helps an eCommerce firm to increase its content quality and effectiveness. 

Michael Aagaard is an excellent example of a successful content optimization expert. He is also a famous keynote speaker and a conversion specialist. He has helped thousands of business worldwide, which includes plenty of renowned eCommerce companies. 

The average salary of a content optimization specialist is similar to search engine optimizer. 

Above all, if you are creative enough to contribute an eCommerce company as a potential optimizer, you can go for it.

Be A Problem Solver  

If you are a problem solver, you can find a lot of scopes to build a career in eCommerce. Most of the eCommerce company need professionals who can help them overcome various challenging situations. 

Let’s see what types of career opportunities you may get as a problem solver. 

i. eCommerce Support Analyst

ii. Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. 

iii. Customer Support Manager. 

iv. Technical Support Engineer. 

v. Data Security Manager, etc. 

An eCommerce support analyst earns an average of $66k in a year. Where a QA Engineer can make $49k to 94k yearly. On the other hand, a Data Security Manager’s yearly income can rise as high as $114k to $141k. 

You may work for a particular eCommerce company. Or you may begin your career as a freelance eCommerce problem solver. Both ways can suffice if you know how to do your job better. 

Final Thoughts

The way of building a career in the eCommerce industry isn’t easy. But if you know what’s right and wrong for you, the process becomes easier. Like any other industry, eCommerce is full of challenge and promises. Are you ready to accept them? We believe this post help you to do that. 

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