7 Practical Ways Social Media Can Provide You with a Profitable Job

7 Practical Ways Social Media Can Provide You with a Profitable Job

There are millions of social media freaks among us in this technological age and many of us have been seeking means of profitably monetizing social media. Sometimes, you experience dwindling income despite your presence in the global village of social media. And thoughts of quitting the online world run through your mind. Some folk even consider social media life as boring, just because they are yet to discover the profitable opportunities therein.

Some of the interesting features of this 21st century tech age are the unlimited profitable jobs you can tap from social media. Here are 7 practical ways you can exploit the social media for profitable business.

  1. Copywriting and Editorial Services

You can choose to just write on any subject of your choice and get the attention of people who admire your writing acumen. Thereby, they may employ your services to write for them. They may also come after you for professional editorial services, especially when they discover you deliver quality contents. Better still, you may recruit the services of some expert assignment writers to help you with this.

Copywriting on social media platforms is a medium by which you could do well in promoting your skills as a resourceful writer and thus save yourself the hassle of little or no cash. And the wonderful thing to know is that writers are needed everywhere.

  1. Social Media Management

There are some well-known celebrities, bourgeoisies and companies who desire to have some social media presence but do not really have the time to do so or they really do not know how to go about this. This opens up an opportunity for you as you can leverage on it and represent these people on several social media outlets. It is called social media management. And the excellent thing about this is that you can do that on a contractual basis such that you have ample time and space at your own control. It is another rewarding means by which every effective social media user can really make it online.

  1. Social Media Affiliate Marketing

You can make use of networks like Affiliate Window and ClickBank to discover affiliate programs and promote them on your social media platform. On these affiliate marketing platforms, there are several products you may choose from. Ensure you find and locate your own niche, that is, a product which is very relevant to your own subject area.

Attempt to do good research beforehand with the end view that you would understand perfectly what you will be promoting. You can as well develop some affiliate business relationship for Amazon as you earn cool commission rates from every product you promote. For instance, if you link buyers to purchase things like jewelry, clothes, etc. to one of these affiliate platforms you would be accruing at least 10% of the cost price for each of them.

  1. Run a YouTube Channel

The YouTube Partner Program is another means through which you can make real money on advertising. Though building a well-known YouTube channel can be a lot of hard work, the good news is that you can build an effective network on a YouTube program. Most times, it takes good luck, hard work and strategy to make it using YouTube but it really pays after all.

  1. Create and Promote your own information products

To go about this, you may own a blog or publish eBooks. People need information. They need any piece of knowledge that can help them improve the quality of life. As a result, they do not undermine the impact of information on their lives. Many go a great length in ensuring they patronize the owners of these products. Ensure you advertise these products so as to entice your audience and ultimately add premium value to their lives. Your motive of doing this in the first place is to always ensure you add significant value.

The way it works is that, if your e-product information benefits a buyer, the person often ends up referring his or her friends or families to purchase your information products as well. Many content providers make it big by just selling info products on what people need. This is very essential.

Platforms like Amazon KDP, Gumroad and Sellfy give the opportunities to publish your books and sell them.

  1. Promote Products and Services

Make some effort to know how to go about this. For instance, if you want to promote or market a brand, you need quality content. So, get to know how to professionally do it because it must not be too promotional, otherwise the potential buyers may just think you are pulling a fast one on them. Though you can commonly build up your target audience and you can try some paid advertising as well to give you quick and better advances.

  1. Brand Awareness

This talks about increasing one’s brand awareness. Come to think about it; over three billion people all over the world are now on one or more social media platforms. This serves various businesses to plug into the system and begin to maximize their chances such that people learn about their products and patronize them for these products. Some may do it for promoting and efficiently representing themselves to the overall online public. You can significantly make money by running campaigns for these upcoming or existing brands on your social media accounts.


If you take the benefits of social media very seriously, you would discover that they are the things you can’t afford to miss. Smart use of social media will drive you towards effectively boosting your online career success. Social media platforms are not there for you to catch fun alone but to also help you with a good level and an optimal chance of making great income. Attempt to study how the peculiarities of each outlet afford you that rare advantage and you would be good to go.

Scott Mathews

Scott Mathews is a professional content writer at SMM, SEO and freelancing. Scott's biggest passions are blogging and travelling. He regularly takes part in different conferences and contributes his posts to different websites. Contact him on Facebook and Twitter.

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