5 Job Applying Tips to Make the Process More Efficient

5 Job Applying Tips to Make the Process More Efficient

Before facing the much-dread interview, a job candidate needs to spend a significant amount of time filling out certain standardized applications. Even though job hunting has become easier and faster than ever before thanks to online application forms, receiving no reply after sending dozens of applications can be disappointing.

The increased reach and availability of job offers make it so that competition for a position increases a hundred-fold, lowering the chances of each and every applicant of getting hired.

To get ahead, you need to improve not only your application but the process through which you apply as well. Here are five tips to make applying for a job more efficient.

1.    Pick and Choose

The digitalization of the job market did not offer more choices to employers alone, but to those seeking to become employees as well. As such, a job applicant has to choose among the positions for which he is suited.

When you start sending out your application, don’t blindly hit the send button to each and every employer. Spend some time studying each employer’s requirements, company outlook, market aspirations and history. For example, if you want to obtain a job at PetSmart, your chances increase if you already know the company’s history, customer profile, products and so on.

This tip can also be applied in an interview as employers generally tend to appreciate the additional effort of an application. In itself, going the extra mile and doing the research beforehand might serve as a big plus to your resume, not to mention directing you to a company suited to your style of working.

2.    Personalize

Armed with this knowledge about the company, you can mold your application on their requirements. Moreover, you can shift the focus on your strengths and the other abilities that you have and in which they might be especially interested. This principle is available even when you wish to apply to a different position within your current company.

3.    Be Original

While job-hunting, you will have to send out numerous applications for just as many positions. Despite the temptation, your application cannot be too standardized. Always change a few key things in order to better fit the position you’re currently looking at.

Even going outside the norm of job hunting can be appreciated by the right company. Some employers don’t look too well on the applicant indicating the desired salary. Others, however, appreciate honesty and courage.

4.    Social Media

For some time now, tech-savvy companies have started to look at the social media profiles, what they call “social resumes”, of job candidates in order to get a better image of them as people.

Employers do so due to the fact that they are not looking only for a good technician, but also a new member of his team. Clean up your social media and use it to advance your image as a valuable team player.

5.    Organize Each Step

Finally, in order to maximize your chances of obtaining the desired position, you need to micro-manage every application you send out. The most efficient way to do this is to devise a plan in steps that need to be followed with each case. An example of such a plan would look like the following.

  • Research the company you’re applying to
  • Personalize your application for that specific company
  • Add elements of originality

By following these five tips to make the job application process more efficient, you will end up with a more cost-effective method, in terms of time and energy spent, of job hunting. Moreover, the most important benefit is that you will likely encounter fulfilling job offers with better work conditions, not to mention a better pay.


Thea Millard

Thea is a Career Advisor and not only that. When she's not at her job (Data Analyst), reading numbers and 'translating' them into English, she finds time to write for Job Application Review, a site where you can find information on how to proceed when looking for a job.

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