3 Ways to Build Leadership Experience

3 Ways Build Leadership

3 Ways to Build Leadership Experience

There are many different ways that leadership experience is available to you whether you’re on the job or between jobs. Most importantly, the opportunity to display your leadership experience is incredibly important and attractive to current and potential employers.

The difference between having a career track where you’re doing the same type of job repeatedly for different companies and climbing the corporate ladder comes down to leadership. If you can consistently display the ability to organize a team of people towards a common goal with tangible benefits for your company then advancement is a question of when, not if.

Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re appointed to a task. Often times it’s voluntary and employers are keen to identify workers willing to take on responsibility. Even in times of failure, these workers prove eminently trainable because they’re willing to take on a task and bear responsibility for its success and failure.

The following are three different ways that you can earn leadership experience benefitting your current job or future employment:

  1. Take Leadership Courses. Sometimes the best way is to learn from the masters themselves. There are many different leadership courses available online or at a local college. Generally, these courses are taught by experts in the field. These experts have a variety of methods. When looking at taking courses find a leadership style that suits you best and aim to become an expert. Having this coursework on your resume is a fantastic advantage.
  2. Community Volunteering. Nothing says to a potential employer more about your long-term stability than your willingness to invest in the community you live in. There are many projects such as beach clean-ups or being active in local neighborhood associations. By taking advantage of these opportunities your employer sees that your off-hours are not wasted, but that you’re actively creating a better world for your community, something hiring managers love.
  3. Volunteering for Special Projects. There’s always something to be done at work. Generally, there are two types of employees–the ones who dive into these projects and those who avoid them. Even if you don’t plan on staying with this particular company, it’s in your best interest to involve yourself in these projects. They’re great on resumes and show that you’re a go-getter. Hiring managers appreciate employees always looking to complete projects, and these employees are incredibly valuable to every company.

These solutions are by no means the only way to gain leadership experience, but they’re the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective. If you’re unsure of how to lead, start with a class or work on a committee with someone who you consider a great leader. You’ll gain tremendous insight to apply when it’s your turn at the helm.


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