3 Reasons Why Personal Branding Gives You an Advantage

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3 Reasons Why Personal Branding Gives You an Advantage

In the past personal branding was well within the control of each of us. Because there were no social media, website and various ways for our voices to get out into the public sphere, our brands were restricted to what was on a resume or cover letter, along with what people in personal and professional networks said.

Today, that’s not the case. Your personal brand is far more than what’s on paper or the word of others. The reality is if you lack personal branding, especially good social media branding, your prospects of landing a great job take a massive hit. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is and as a job seeker you must roll with the punches.

But, as with all things, if you look at personal branding as a bad thing, it will be just that. Instead, look at personal branding as a market advantage.

Here are three reasons why you should use personal branding to build yourself up within the job market:

  • Gains in Confidence. There are many different ways to expand your brand. Social media makes it ridiculously easy. Find a topic you’re interested in and chime in! Forums on LinkedIn or trends on twitter are great places to get your name out there. If you’re a writer, connect with other writers. Showcase that great wit and what’ll happen is people will see the great things you can do. There’s no greater praise than unsolicited praise from strangers.
  • Impressive Presence. Once you’ve established your brand through various means, people know who you are before you even introduce yourself. Remember how Ron Burgundy had to explain who he was to Veronica Corningstone by saying, “I’m very important, people know me. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany?” If Ron’s brand were more established nationally, Ms. Corningstone would have already been impressed by San Diego’s anchor.
  • Specialization. Personal branding allows you to be who you want and do what you want. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that pays the bills and you can’t transition to your true love. Spend your time on various forums, Twitter or other places to network with the people in the profession you’d like. The bottom line is by establishing yourself as an expert in the field of your choice, job opportunities will open up.

Neglecting your personal brand can keep you in a cycle of disinterested work and away from your passion. Spend time working on your brand, and by doing this you’ll end up getting a job in the field that you love.


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