3 Reasons to Take on Extra Projects to Burnish Leadership Credentials

3 Reasons to Take on Extra Projects to Burnish Leadership Credentials

The best way to develop your leadership abilities is to use your current position to seamlessly transition to bigger and better things. The way this works is to take on extra work. The value of taking on greater tasks is it enhances your marketability to your current and potential future employers.

The truth is your job always has extra projects. These projects are often undesirable because they have longer hours and greater responsibilities. This is generally a turn-off, as many workers find that the last thing they want to do is spend more hours at a job. This is the wrong perspective to have about extra work or special projects.

These projects are opportunities to build leadership credentials and can definitely have an overwhelmingly positive effect on your resume and your future employment.

Here are three ways special projects/extra work can be a boon to your bottom line:

  • Extra Money. This is the most basic benefit, but you get to claim the higher salary on your taxes and resume. This is not a small point. If a future employer notices you have a higher salary, then it stands to reason you have more responsibility and demonstrated leadership within your company
  • Different Responsibilities. Special projects often require employees to step outside their comfort zone. Leadership is sometimes quantified as doing what you have to do to ensure the team’s success. Stepping outside your comfort zone allows you to test yourself and put yourself in a position to succeed–something that is very helpful to developing leadership qualities.
  • The Extra Mile. Part of being a leader is doing more without being requested. Leaders are always going the extra mile for their teams and their companies. By taking part in these projects, you’ll find that you’re conditioning yourself to do more without prompting. This is extremely valuable to your current and future employer.

Start checking out the different opportunities within your current company to serve on a special project. You’ll derive immense satisfaction from becoming an integral part of the team, along with developing leadership qualities you weren’t sure you had.


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