Bad Workplace Habits You Need to Eliminate Immediately

Eliminate Bad Habits

Bad Workplace Habits You Need to Eliminate Immediately

The moment you reach work, there’s an awful load of sweat dripping down your forehead. Well, it isn’t because of the work pressure you face but rather the habit of starting your work late … nearly every day. It makes you chuckle for a while, but habits like these do have an adverse effect in the long run. Think about your employer and the kind of impression he’ll have of you. Adding to the same, this makes way for your co-workers to hold dissent when it comes to working with you.

Obviously, no one’s perfect. But, there surely is a need to keep a strong check over a few habits to prevent the productivity level dropping down to a bare minimum. Here are four major work habits you need to eliminate from your work ethic as quickly as possible.

Think about your employer and the kind of impression he’ll have of you

Leaving Work Until Tomorrow
Procrastination as they call it. This habit has been pulling down the careers of numerous employees around the globe. Be it any field or department you work in, work targets are always accomplished in a hustle. Of course, every corporation is in a race to beat the competition, but putting work off for the next day can simply disable your company from moving forward in a time efficient way.

Also important, last-minute tasks are often associated with numerous blunders. Be it the number of errors that shoot up in the project or the risk of coming across uninvited obstacles, procrastinating your work will decrease the overall work efficiency and leave loopholes in whatever task you execute.

Being an Anti-Social Animal
It’s understandable to think that it’s no big deal in choosing not to mingle with your colleagues.¬†But it does rule you out of the team-play factor at the workplace. Make sure that you don’t refuse to take part in social activities and team building events organized by the company. After all, being a team player is what will count during the salary negotiation and performance appraisal. Be personable with your colleagues and enhance your network for career success in the future. It sure will work in your favor!

Being a Poor Planner
Talk to any career expert and you’ll definitely find out that planning and organizing¬†are skills required in every field or job. You might be one of the go with the flow workers or one of those who think of solutions spontaneously, but planning at prior is something that helps you maintain an edge at the workplace.

Think about all those times when you sat late at work, just to cope up with the burgeoning pending work at your desk. This time could’ve easily been saved and invested in other tasks that help you go the extra mile in this job. It can be anything, research, networking or gaining a deep understanding about your organizations vision.

It’s easy to earn money, but earning respect is something that comes with your word

Not Fulfilling Commitments
Being in the modern work arena, you have to understand the power of your word. One very important rule to consider is that nobody respects your word until you do!

Make sure that you aren’t making any false promises. Keep your word and fulfill commitments that have been made with colleagues, your manager or cross-departmental workers. It’s easy to earn money, but earning respect is something that comes with your word. Value it more than anyone else!

There are plenty other things that we can discuss. However, the most important thing is to constantly seek improvement. That’s where your growth begins to happen!

Anshuman Kukreti

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe.

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