Virtual Reality Transforms Online Learning for Millennials

Virtual Reality Transforms Online Learning for Millennials

In 2015,  Alex Faaborg, the Design Lead from Google, delivered a TED talk about a new technology called “virtual reality”.

Faaborg opened his TED talk with the head scratching line:

“Imagine being your 3rd grade self and learning about the Mayan civilization, but instead of learning from a textbook, you could learn it from of Judson Itza?”

At the time virtual reality was still in its infancy and it’s no surprise that the Google team were at the forefront of this new type of technology.

During his TED talk, Faaborg introduced a nifty little device that had been designed by him and his team at Google called “Cardboard”. A simple cardboard box designed to hold a smartphone that could deliver a virtual reality experience using the cardboard app.

Further into his presentation, Faaborg revealed that the Google team’s main focus with this new technology was to invent a new way of creating amazing experiences that are almost impossible to create in the real world.

One of the examples he presented was how virtual reality could completely change the education industry. Using virtual reality technology, Google was able to provide an experience that would allow teachers to take their classes on international field trips without needing to leave the classroom.

Although it’s important for young kids to experience real life field trip experiences, the possibilities this technology creates are endless.


Where Virtual Reality Education is Now

Fast forwarding to current times, other companies have taken Google’s lead and introduced even more ways that virtual reality can enhance the education industry. A prime example of this is in the form of online learning.

For the first time ever, Oculus (a leading brand in the virtual reality space) have teamed up with various education institutions in Australia to deliver their online virtual reality education courses.

The convenience of online learning is utilized mostly by millennials who want to upgrade their career but have an extremely busy schedule. When juggling so many things, individuals in this situation cannot afford to put time aside in order to attend an on campus classroom. Online learning provides them the ability to do so.

Whilst this works for some people, others that are in the same predicament find it extremely difficult to study alone and from home due to the lack of social stimulation.

The idea of combining virtual reality with online learning has been designed to lessen the feeling of isolation that comes with online learning with an on-campus classroom experience.

This technology allows the user to gain a qualification by taking part in real-time classes with real students and tutors without needing to enter a classroom. Classes are run at various different times in the day, allowing users to be flexible with when they study without interfering with their daily life.

This revolutionary way of learning is not only handy for millennials with busy schedules, but also for millennials who live in rural areas that also want to further their career. People who live in rural areas often don’t have physical access to an institution and online learning offers them a way they can further their education.



Since its introduction, virtual reality technology has been particularly popular with the millennial generation. Millennials are the early adopters and are already taking advantage of this revolutionized way of learning in Australia and the rest of the world.

 It is very likely that we will see virtual reality technology being utilized in most schools and institutions over the coming years, much like the iPad revolution that has already taken place.

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s a very exciting time to be alive and witness the emergence of endless possibilities for enhancing our experiences.

Thanks so much for reading this article and if you are a Millennial wanting to advance your career, living a crazy busy life, or in a rural area, hang tight. Virtual reality is coming.

Thom Gardner

Thom Gardner is a content specialist originally from YouTube. He's passionate about new technology and is obsessed with everything digital. Using his online skills and content, he helps align students who are looking to further their careers and education with a course that will get them there.

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