Unusual Online Strategies for Getting a Job or Internship

Unusual Online Strategies for Getting a Job or Internship

Looking for a job used to be much less complicated before the era of technology. People used to find ads in newspapers, polished out their resumes, and sent the applications. Today, you have to invest much more effort in the job hunting process.

The simple strategy that used to work is no longer relevant. Yes, you can still find ads in newspapers and send applications, but you won’t use all opportunities if you limit yourself to that plain method. Today, the Internet is the battlefield. That’s where you’ll find the potential employers and that’s where you’ll compete with other candidates. And you have to do it in a highly unusual way if you want to get noticed.

We’ll present few unusual online strategies for getting attention as a job or internship seeker. Check them out:


1. Craft a Creative Resume

This is the first rule to remember: templates don’t work. Employers get the same types of resumes over and over again. They are bored by them. When they get another resume based on a template, they glance through it and they seem similar qualifications and the same style that other applicants represented.

Before you start looking for jobs online, you have to craft the perfect resume. Consider infographic resumes if you’re in a creative industry. This format is great because it’s highly visual, but not too busy. You can instantly catch the eye of an employer with the most important information and show your design skills at the same time.

You’ll be sending a digital version of this resume, but don’t forget: it has to look good in print, too. Some hiring managers like to print out the applications.


2. Consider Freelancing

Did you know that 34% of the national workforce in the US were doing freelance work? That’s 53 million people we’re talking about. What does this mean for you as a job hunter? You don’t have to limit yourself to office jobs. You can earn money through freelancing if you have coding, graphic design, blogging, artistic, photography, and other skills. All the work is online, and it’s easy to find clients who appreciate a job well done.

Here are few platforms for you to explore:

  • Freelancer – a freelancing platform where you can compete for projects in web development, graphic design, Internet marketing, SEO, mobile app design, and more.
  • Upwork it’s similar to Freelancer, but you may find more suitable offers for your skills here. Check them both!
  • TopAussieWriters a writing service that hires professional writers with degrees. You’ll work on academic projects related to your area of study.
  • Guru another freelancing platform where you can apply for creative jobs in various categories.


3. Make a Profile on Job Sites

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? You may be looking for your first internship, or you may be an experienced worker who’s looking for new opportunities in a particular industry. Whatever the case is, you’ll need a sleek LinkedIn profile to showcase your capacity.

This is no longer an unusual method of job seeking. Everyone has a LinkedIn profile. The unusual part is in the way you use it. You have to be very active. Through this platform, you can make connections and take part in groups. Use that opportunity to find employers who are looking for a worker with your skills and experience. Don’t forget to blog! LinkedIn has a publishing platform that gives you a chance to show your knowledge and expertise.

LinkedIn is not the only platform you should pay attention to. Dice is good for tech jobs, and Monster is great for all kinds of jobs. Have profiles on all these job boards, so you’ll have access to fresh ads at all times.


4. Develop Your Personal Online Brand

Through personal branding, you build your online authority. With this method, you’re showcasing yourself as an expert in the industry you’re interested in.

Personal branding is an ongoing process that involves social media activity, blogging, filming YouTube videos, and making connections with influencers in the relevant category. Blogging, in particular, is extremely important for developing a strong personal brand. When you share tips and help people solve problems, you prove that you’re a valuable member of the community.

How do you connect personal branding with job or internship seeking? When a potential employer googles your name, they will see someone they would definitely want in their team. If you create an online brand out of yourself, you’ll get industry recognition. That will naturally lead to better opportunities for employment.


5. Ask for Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are great for professional networking. This is the kind of review you have with someone in your career of interest. This person can offer insights and bright tips on how to make progress. They will speak out of experience. They won’t give you a job, but you can definitely use that connection to get the information you need. If there’s an open position in their company, they will give you a hint.

If you’re a college grad or a career changer, an informational interview will give you the perspective you need. Keep in mind that you can’t ask a big company’s CEO for an informational interview. They don’t have time for that. You need to connect with employees in the sector you target. LinkedIn groups give you the chance to do that.


Are You Ready?

Yes, you’ll need to invest a lot of effort in job or internship hunting. It’s not as easy as sending out resumes and getting interviews. However, the good news is that the process is tons of fun!

Online platforms give you opportunities to find the jobs you need. With LinkedIn, you can make valuable connections with professionals from your niche. Through personal branding, you’ll boost your chances for career progress. All these methods are worth doing! Remember: you’re not in this alone. Many other candidates are implementing the same strategies, so you’ll have successful examples to follow.

Lisa Wheatly

Lisa Wheatly believes analytical thinking and an enquiring mind are her strongest points, and she does her best to put them to good use. Lisa has experience in opening a couple business. Nowadays, Lisa is a consultant of young entrepreneurs, and she feels that her knowledge of the human mind allows her to accurately assess the abilities of the young businessmen/women.

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