Top 7 Eco-friendly Professions You Should Consider

Top 7 Eco-friendly Professions You Should Consider

For some people, the choice of a profession is simply an existential matter. This means picking something that pays the bills or something that will provide them with a paycheck capable of sustaining their lifestyle expectations. For others, this is simply not enough. What they need is a workplace where they can make a difference and help make the world a better place. This is what keeps them going every single day and this is what makes them endure even the most unbearable of shifts. With that in mind, here are the top seven eco-friendly professions that people with this kind of mindset should consider.

1. Recycling worker

While this may not be the cleanest, the simplest or the easiest job out there, being a recycling worker is definitely one way for you to make a difference. The profession itself consists of so many different tasks which include operating machinery like bobcats, forklifts and cranes, as well as a number of occupations that are meant for specialists in this field. Being a deconstruction and decontamination waste operation specialist is just one of the examples. Another one is becoming a convenience recycle center technologist. The list goes on and on. 

2. Solar photovoltaic installer

When it comes to finding a job that will help you make the world a better place, installing solar PV panels is probably the first image that you would have in mind. The list of jobs is divided into categories like solar installation foremen (which is an entry-level job), a construction project manager such as solar installer, architect, engineer or electrician and roofing supervisor. The duties are fairly simple, seeing as how they include planning, measuring and cutting, as well as various tasks included in the installation itself.

3. Interior designer

One of the ways in which you can make the world a better place is by advising people on how to make their own homes much eco-friendlier. As an interior designer, you would be able to do just that. The way in which this works is that you’re helping people create an eco-friendlier household by encouraging them to use resource-saving trends like LED light fixtures and low-flow bathroom elements. Second, you can design the place using eco-friendly practices and encourage the use of reclaimed materials in the process. Every bit helps.

4. Sustainable construction

While the construction industry in the past wasn’t exactly perceived as eco-friendly, there are some companies that are really spearheading the industry in this direction. For instance, the increase in  the use of mobile scaffolding means a lower use of equipment like cranes and lifts which run on fossil fuels. Other than this, creating energy-efficient homes and using eco-friendly construction materials can definitely make a difference. By becoming a part of this industry, you’ll not only boost the environmentalism of the planet but also do the humane thing by building people’s homes.

5. Bicycle repair business

For those looking to start their own enterprise on a tight budget and keep fighting the good fight, there’s nothing quite like starting a bicycle repair business. By doing so, you’re actively helping people choose the greener commute options. The profits in this industry are fairly high, due to the fact that the materials and spare parts used aren’t that expensive, to begin with. Keep in mind that this is also something that you can do in your spare time, in order to generate a source of side-income. Just keep in mind that a bicycle repair industry requires a degree of mechanical skill and knowledge.

6. Urban growing

Selling organic products on the farmer’s market has always been an eco-friendly thing to do, however, what about the idea of growing the food in an urban environment. In general, tomatoes and strawberries are the most popular, yet, there are several other plants that you could grow just as efficiently. The key thing to making it lies in juggling the amount of space and resources that you have, as well as choosing the variety that will have the least trouble with this kind of growth. The setup itself may require some initial investment but once you have this out of the way, there’ll be no stopping you.

7. Wind energy worker

Previously, we’ve mentioned the idea of installing solar panels, yet, solar energy is definitely not the only sustainable source of power that you have available. Being a wind turbine technician is an interesting and challenging profession with a median salary of about $52,260 per year. The majority of work that you’ll perform will be related to the electric power generation, with repair and maintenance and utility system construction following close after. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that this is a highly skilled job which requires a no small amount of training to be invested on your part, which is definitely something that you need to take into consideration when making plans.


As you can see, even if you’re dead set on making the difference every time you clock in, this really doesn’t limit the number of available occupations that you have. So, do your research and make the necessary considerations in order to be sure that the choice that you’ve made is the right one for you.

Carolin Petterson

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.

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