The Pros and Cons of Relocating for Work

The Pros and Cons of Relocating for Work

A new job is generally a cause for celebration. But if it requires relocating to a new area, it can also be a stressful time. You will be faced with all kinds of questions — Will you be able to sell your home quickly enough? Is the cost of living higher in the new location? Will it be easy to make new friends? In short, is the job worth the stress that may come from relocating?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of relocating for work to help you decide if it’s the right move.

Pros of Relocating for Work

  • New Career Opportunities. If your current company or role has limited opportunities for progression, it may become frustrating and unsatisfying. In a recent survey of 2,000 UK workers, 25 per cent of respondents who felt poorly motivated at work said that they have no career progression. A new company or even a different branch may offer opportunities that are lacking in your current workplace. An employee who has been in one workplace for a long time can be pigeon-holed and overlooked for new roles that fall outside their current skill set. 
  • Personal Growth. Even if the main reason for relocating is work, being exposed to a new location, different people and access to activities you might never have participated in before, provides a great opportunity for personal growth. New experiences can make people happier, more confident and more adventurous — all of which could have a positive impact on career development and wellbeing. 
  • Increased Job Security. Skills shortages and job opportunities vary throughout the UK. Moving from an area that is saturated with workers with a similar skillset to yours where competition for jobs is high, to a location where you will be in demand means better job security and employment prospects. 
  • A New Beginning. For someone who is unhappy in their work and life, relocating can provide a welcome new beginning. For all the same reasons that moving away from a familiar area can be stressful, leaving behind a place and people you know can also be liberating for those seeking new experiences.

Cons of Relocating for Work

  • Stress. Moving home is often given as one of the most stressful life experiences, as is starting a new job. A person who chooses to relocate for work has both potentially stressful changes to manage. Employers often allow a little time for relocation, but it’s still generally a race against the clock to sell up, move on and get settled before the new job begins — especially if you have a family in tow.
  • Uprooting the Family. Many people who relocate for their career will not be moving alone. If you have a partner or a family, their lives will need to change too. This could mean moving children between schools, a partner having to give up their job and the whole household having to leave behind friends and family to start again elsewhere.
  • The Cost of Moving. Moving house can be an expensive business. From estate agent fees to removal fees, even if the new employer covers some relocation costs, it’s likely that moving will make a dent in your bank balance. 
  • Lifestyle Changes. For someone who currently lives in the countryside, relocating to a city centre (and vice versa) could be a culture shock. There will be a period of adaptation, and the new environment may not be the one of choice for partners or children. 

How to Reduce the Stress of Relocating

If you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and decided that now is the time to move, there are some simple ways to make the process of relocating less stressful.

  • Plan and Organise as Early as Possible. Moving house is stressful. But being well-organised and planning ahead can make that stress much easier to manage. Create a list of all the organisations you need to change address with, research local schools for the kids, start packing and labelling boxes of non-essential items, book a removal company — the more that is checked off the to-do list early on, the less rushed and fraught relocating will feel when moving day arrives. 
  • Get a Quick House Sale. It can take months to sell a property on the open housing market, and in the current climate, this average could increase dramatically. A house buying service can provide a cash offer for any home almost immediately, regardless of the property’s condition or location. Once your property has been surveyed, the sale can finish in as little as seven days. 
  • Hire a Professional Removals Service. Many removals companies now offer additional services such as packing and unpacking belongings at either end of the journey. This can save a huge amount of time and stress. It comes at a cost, but it may be one that’s well worth placing in the budget.

Relocating for a new job, a promotion or an in-house move can be an exciting time. Whether you’re seeking better job security, career progression, a change of lifestyle or a new beginning, relocating for work could be the right choice for you. With careful planning, organisation and investment in professional services, there’s no reason for your move to be a high-stress event. Any short-term inconvenience could well be balanced by a more rewarding and happier life in the long-term.

Christ Hodgkinson

Chris has spent all his career working in the property sector and has extensive knowledge of the sector from having worked in the estate agency industry and running a successful property buying company.

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