Personal Branding Mistakes That Are Killing Your Career

Branding Mistakes

Personal Branding Mistakes That Are Killing Your Career

When you think about impeccable cases of personal branding, the ones that pop into your head first are those flashy profiles you saw on LinkedIn, the people you follow on Twitter and people having shining resumes. Your eyes glint with hope, that you too will score the most desirable of career avenues one day.

By simply preventing a few common mistakes, you can focus on other areas and make your brand go viral on different platforms

However, caught up in the mundane day-to-day activities, we often skip over the subtleties that build a brand and make it stand apart from the crowd. Nonetheless, by simply preventing a few common mistakes, you can focus on other areas and make your brand go viral on different platforms.

Here are the most visible ones you should know how to avert in time. Drop sufficient glances and arm yourself for success during the job search.

Following the Corporates, Blindly
Ruffling through a few LinkedIn pages, one can easily spot the old saying “Corporates speak Zombie Language” coming back to life. Gone are those days when employers used to get enticed by statements like, “a result-oriented professional with set goals and focused approach.” This seems more like a person made with a fake cut-out smile than somebody real.

There’s no employer in this whole-wide world who expects such Utopian language in resumes. What’s required to build a strong brand is a realistic approach and numbers (or facts) to support your claim. Once these are included, there’s no further hurdle while you seal the deal during an interview.

Working on Your Brand Aimlessly

There are pertinent questions you need to ask before making all those tweets and flushing out all those mails to employers. It’s good that you are aware regarding the significance of building a brand, but is it the same as building an efficient one?

Obviously, it isn’t. Think about factors like your niche, what platforms are advantageous to your targeted job role and the audience you seek to impress. Now that you have the answers to these, there will definitely be some clarity regarding the kind of efforts you need to make, along with the intended direction they should be in.

Being Inconsistent
Believe it or not, being consistent is one of the major prerequisites required to take your brand to the next level. With different barriers to create a brand having fallen drastically during the last 15 years, there are a plethora of “realistic” chances for you to get going.

It’s all about having some faith in your brand and finding alternatives to make it perfect and presentable

You can access YouTube to create your own videos/channel, Create space to pen down and submit your own books and a number of social media platforms to share your opinion. There is so much you can be pro-active with. It’s all about having some faith in your brand and finding alternatives to make it perfect and presentable.

Bragging About Your Accolades Only
You certainly would comprehend that trophies are more of brand names that people sprinkle their resumes with. It’s good that you are mentioning your accomplishments and letting the hiring manager know about it, but making it too visible will only make you come across as an arrogant candidate if nothing else. For instance, you are a job seeker genuinely interested in Marketing.

Filling up your resume and online profile with the accomplishments and goals scored in the field would make it seem desperate with an undertone, “Look at all these. Hope you find me worthy.”
This might even make you seem overconfident in a number of ways. So, make sure your brand is not only about trophies and awards.

There’s a lot you can work on. Nevertheless, make it a habit to stay active and consistent while working on your personal brand. Stick to the aforementioned tips and before you know, things will start flipping in your favor!

Anshuman Kukreti

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe.

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