Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Boss

Good Boss Relationship

Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Boss

There are two types of people in the professional arena. Those who have the habit of carrying out all of their work on their own, owing to the ‘live life on my own terms’ mindset. And those who have a chill running down their spine the moment they face their bosses. Many employees can relate to these situations, but is this the way business should be done?
Certainly not!

You need a delicate balance of work and professionalism to win over the boss and get into his good books. It will pay off in the long run, when he picks from the team to assign responsibilities in the company. Listed below are a few tips that will help you remain in your boss’s good books.

Keep calm, adhere to these, and see yourself maintaining a perfectly trustworthy relationship with your manager.

Stick to Your Words
This might seem obvious, but it is significant from day one nevertheless. Managers have a peculiar habit of gauging the employee from the instant he joins the team. He doesn’t expect anything extraordinary, or out of the box, right away. All that’s desired is to be recognized as someone who will follow through on their commitments and would never act unpredictably during high-pressure situations at work. Make realistic promises and be recognized as an employee with great character when it comes to work delivery.

Stay Professional
It’s human nature to have mood swings and your manager is not exempt. There can be times when he will lash out at you and increase your workload by heaps. All you have to remember is that nothing is permanent. The best thing you can do is remain consistent – both work and behavior-wise. This is one factor that will win over his trust. You know your boss’s mood the best, so keep a check on all the things that put him off and carry yourself accordingly.

Keep Communicating
Communication is one of the first things that help a manager to restore any modicum of trust in his employee. The hint is quite clear to grasp, have a good work chat with your boss from time-to-time. The best way to let him know about all that you’ve been working on and the work accomplishments you’ve achieved during the past few months is providing work updates on a daily basis. Talk about the challenges you faced and the solutions you adopted that might be implemented on a team level as well. Let him gain assurance when things are going well!

Offer to Take up Extra Work
It’s not only the regular tasks that are going to get you to an efficient appraisal position. You have to be quite tactful in picking up extra work responsibilities as well. He definitely counts the same while considering over his few ‘trusted ones’ in the department. Stay the same diligent learner you are and offer to help him with work that is in favor of the team’s growth. Who wouldn’t want a team-performer taking up extra work for his coworkers’ benefit!

It’s really simple once you know all that’s to be kept in mind while moving ahead. Keep your cool and keep the momentum going. It’ll surely pay off in the long run.

Anshuman Kukreti

Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe.

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