How to Get Hired if You’re a Baby Boomer

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How to Get Hired if You’re a Baby Boomer

Finding a job after 50 is a challenging play, however, giving up isn`t the best rule in any kind of activity. Moreover, you`ll be pleased to find out that this playground is not just for youngsters. A lot of companies follow the latest trend of hiring job seekers under the age of 50 but the game can be a tough one, so stick to these job searching tips for older workers and become employed again!

Demonstrate positive thinking

Each employer wants to see the upbeat attitude of the staff, so it`s essential to be enthusiastic and stream with positive energy. Such vibes will show your interest in the job, the eagerness of your personality and will bring an interviewer closer to you on a subconscious level.

Be open minded

Labeled thinking tells that an individual can`t think outside the box and sticks only to certain behavioral and working patterns. When you`re broad-minded, it highlights your willingness to improve, discover new things and change your life, position, the way of thinking. It shows your ability to look into an issue from different angles, finding the best solution.

Be ready to work for Gen Y boss and with younger members of the team

This matter can be way too complex, as being taught by younger staff can be humiliating for some baby boomers. Although, if you are unprejudiced and reasonable, you`ll see that it`s not a big deal. In fact, it`s beneficial to cooperate with younger personnel. Think of collaboration with youngsters as if it`s free course of refreshment.

One thing is to work with younger colleagues but serving a Millennial boss is a completely new issue, which can be thought to be a nightmare. Is it that scary? Treat it like an experience, which either way is influencing and enriching you. Of course, your boss can be less competent in some cases than you, but, believe it or not, he worked to be in the place he is right now, so he deserves it.

Light up you experience

Add relevant experience to your outline, browse resume examples to understand how to do it properly. Keep in mind that you can become a great leader thanks to your experience, unique skills and knowledge, which are unobtainable and way too complex for younger workers. Take all the possible advantages of/from your professionalism and mentor younger employees, which will definitely be welcomed by your boss.

Keep up to the field

Be knowledgeable about the trends in the area of your job. Attend relevant seminars, visit top conferences and thought-provoking meetings. The fact that you`re curious and proactive is an excellent plus for your professional life.

Be intimate with tech

There`s no great discovery that everything is constantly altering, and so should you and your skills do. In this case, computer skills are the most essential, though challenging and time-consuming. Even so, don`t worry, as that`s when the turn of your younger colleagues to teach you how to make use of social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Gmail.

Show your adaptability

The more versatility you have under your belt, the better. The most desirable feature of an older candidate is the ability to adapt. Show that you can work with different personality types and people of different ages. You can give an example of your remarkable teamwork and problem solving skills.

Use your professional network

There`s a common thought that baby boomers are incapable of using network, so it will be your smart choice to break this misconception. Network can be used for different purposes in the process of finding a job: searching for relevant books, discovering trends in the field of your interest, applying for a job, browsing top firms` activity, monitoring tips for career assistance and even more. Moreover, your wide professional network and real contacts with good specialists in different fields may be a great advantage at your new job. So do yourself a favor and start utilizing professional network straight away.

Show your confidence and loyalty

Baby boomers generation is known for confidence, as its members have gone through good and bad, now they trust their own senses, abilities and are determined. When you show your decisiveness and allegiance, you become a respected and significant worker, so don`t hesitate to use this as your boon.

Demonstrate salary flexible

That`s a tricky issue for every job seeker and especially for an aged one, so your plan here is to be as pliable as possible. Instead of making a problem out of a salary matter, discuss possible benefits, negotiate health care opportunities and retirement package policy. Don’t worry, you`ll have what you deserve!

From now on you have an ace in the hole, however, do not rush in the process of looking for a job. Give yourself some time to digest the information above, make necessary changes and go get that job!

Alice Berg

Alice Berg is a blogger from Bath, UK, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now she helps people to find their own way in life, gives career advice and guidance, helps young people to prepare for their careers.

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