How to Build a Recruiting Pitch When You Have a Local Business

How to Build a Recruiting Pitch When You Have a Local Business

If you’ve not yet built your recruiting pitch, you’re probably already behind. Since the perfect pitch will put you in a unique position to improve your business across multiple fronts, it’s important to take care in the way that you craft it. Most people don’t realize the wealth of benefits that will inevitably come from creating a strong pitch for their local businesses.

Why Does My Local Business Need a Recruiting Pitch?

A strong recruiting pitch will accomplish two crucial things: it will encourage top talent to come work for you, and it will encourage your ideal customers to do business with you. In one sweep, the ideal scenario would be to recruit both valuable customers and experienced potential employees who value your mission. It’s an important part of your overall message.

Your pitch is a branding opportunity. It’s a chance to play to your strengths where everyone can see them. Only good can come from putting your best foot forward in everything you do, including your pitch. It’s just a matter of determining how to do it.

Develop Laser Focus

A Mississippi based laundry service was able to focus their pitch to recruit clients with such accuracy that they picked up enough business to add several dozen employees to their facility. They did so by targeting large clients with hefty needs by incorporating the specifics of those needs into their general pitch.

On the back end of that deal, they were able to net new employees because they were able to hire so quickly. This is a perfect example of how one hand washes the other between recruiting clients and recruiting employees.

By demonstrating their focus and commitment to doing the job right, many things happened for that laundry business. They got busy, became more profitable, and were able to grow their company. All they needed to do was demonstrate their focus.

Demonstrate What Makes You Different

Your pitch should showcase exactly what makes you different from others who work in a similar line of business. Think about cleaning businesses. Many of them haul away junk and call it a day. This serves a purpose, but it isn’t as enticing as working with a business that can offer more.

Then there are businesses like 1300 Rubbish. They haul junk away, but there’s something that makes them unique. They offer special green waste removal services designed to reduce the amount of methane gas released in the decomposition of green waste. They’re passionate about limiting the effects of global warming. To anyone who cares about the environment, whether they’re customers or potential employees, it’s a difference like this that will cause them to gravitate to 1300 Rubbish over their competitors.

Tell People Where They’re Going

Strictly from the perspective of recruiting new employees, you need to be able to quickly demonstrate opportunities for advancement. Why would a wildly talented employee want to work with a local business if they know they’ll be stuck in the same role for years? Are you going to open new locations that will need managers? Are you going to make your flagship location even larger? You’ll want people to know that with your growth comes opportunities for advancement – they’ll be inspired to join your team to help you grow.

Every business, no matter the size, needs to have the perfect recruiting pitch in their arsenal. Even if they don’t need to use it right away, they’ll have it on speed dial for when the moment comes to strengthen their recruitment process.

Melanie Saunders

Melanie Saunders is a blogger and content manager at 1300 Rubbish – experts in the field of rubbish and junk removal. Personally, a huge fan of sustainability and green living.

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