How Can Freelancing Help You Land Your Dream Job?    

How Can Freelancing Help You Land Your Dream Job?    

In society, people believe that on the job work experience or additional degrees are the essential ways to gain experience. Typically, it is the conventional way to be best suited for a new job opportunity.

The new way to build your skills is to create a part-time or casual freelance opportunity while working from home. Before you begin to believe you are stuck in a dead-end job, here are simple ways to create a career that you deserve.


Freelance is Work Experience

How is freelancing work experience? Freelancers work with companies. It may not be a full-time on-staff opportunity. However, the instruction a company provides a freelancer for graphic design, writing, consultation or web design assignment is work in itself.


Human Resources Accept Freelance Experience

There are freelancers in the workforce that have part-time jobs or end the freelance lifestyle to work in the corporate world. These professionals land jobs the same way a more conventional employee can. Here are a few things human resources wants to see:

  • You can follow instructions while working remotely
  • Collaboration with a company’s employees, CEO or president
  • A portfolio of work to prove experience

After your first freelancing opportunities, add them to a resume once you start searching for a new job. Ask clients if you can use them as a reference to share with a hiring manager and stand out from the competition.


How to Find Freelance Work

The most reliable way to find freelance work is to sign up for a freelance site like Freelancemyway, Guru or Freelancer. You may not have freelancing work samples. However, you can use work examples completed at work. Here are benefits to using these websites:

  • Work with international companies
  • Build work experience with a variety of work
  • Contacted by companies for ongoing work

Freelance websites can be competitive. As a new freelancer, you are not alone. Many new people are attempting to start out in the industry.


Interview Discussions on Freelance Work

In an interview, the hiring manager might ask about your freelance experience. Instead of using a few sentences to discuss responsibilities listed on a resume, here is how to create a strategy for an effective discussion.

  • Teamwork: Mention working on a remote team of employees that worked on-site for the company
  • Work volume: Include the number of assignments completed per day, week or month
  • Technology: Discuss technology used that includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM software), Google Analytics, web design sites, editing software, etc.
  • Strategy: Reference creative strategies you presented to a company that were implemented and how it positively helped the company

An interview is an amazing opportunity because the dream job that requires additional education or work experience can be substituted with freelance work.


Conclusion – Start Freelancing Today

Now is the best time to start freelancing. A Forbes article shared, “Freelancers Now Make Up 35% Of U.S. Workforce.” A freelancer can be a student, experienced employee, or a person that is retired.

If you want to transition from an intermediate position to a higher role at work, freelancing is the best way to get started. A hiring manager will consider it the additional experience needed to transition you into a new role that you deserve.

Makeda Waterman

Makeda Waterman is an online journalist with writing clips on CNBC Make It., Yahoo Finance News, Huffington Post, and, among others. She is passionate about helping people enhance their career.

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