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Career Top 10 : Benefits of Working Abroad

The benefits to a young person of working outside the United States are many and stay with a person for many years.

Fully experiencing the language and culture of the host country
Develop a degree of flexibility and resourcefulness
Develop a broader understanding of another culture
Prepare oneself for the increasingly global economy
Give oneself a competitive advantage when returning [...]

Career Top 10 : Things You’ll Discover at College

By : Lynn F. Jacobs / Jeremy S. Hyman
By now, most students who are starting college next fall have sent in their acceptances, not to mention the first chunk of change. And now, the real worrying for them starts: What is college really going to be like? And how is it different from what I’m [...]

Career Top 10: States for Manufacturing Jobs

1. Indiana

2. Wisconsin

3. Arkansas

Career Top 10 – iPhone Business Apps

Ten essential iPhone apps for business use.

Career Top 10 – Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

Good advice found by Careers.Org
By Vicky Oliver in SavvyMiss
After weeks, maybe months, of submitting resumes, following up and hearing, “We’re just not hiring right now,” landing an interview can make you feel as good as, well, landing the job. But the road doesn’t end there and that’s precisely when the nerves start to set in. [...]

Career Top 10 – Employer Provided Benefits

Funeral Leave – 87%
Military Leave – 79%
Educational Assistance – 78%
Relocation Allowance – 75%
Free Parking – 67%
Severance Pay – 53%
Employee discounts – 46%
Subsidized meals -     25%
Profit Sharing – 21%
Recreational facilities – 21%
Source : BLS

Career Top 10 – Where the Jobs Will Be by 2016

Network systems and data communications – Employment up 53.4% by 2016 – Education Needed : Bachelor’s degree
Personal and home care aides -  Employment up 50.6% by 2016 – Education Needed : Short-term on-the-job training
Home health aides – Employment up 48.7% by 2016 – Education Needed :Short-term on-the-job training
Computer software engineers, applications -  [...]