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How to Negotiate Your Salary

Salary negotiation can be one of the most awkward parts of any job interview, or a very simple matter. The key factor is you, the job seeker: Have you done your research? Do you know what others in your industry/position earn? Find out, before you walk into the interview.

Hot Industries: Popular Jobs Through 2016

As our economy continues a decades-long shift from goods-based to service-based, some employment sectors are expected to perform substantially better than others.

From 2006-16, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the U.S.civilian noninstitutional population will increase by 21.8 million.[1] Americans will age, with baby boomers representing the largest segment of the population and the pool of younger adults in the workforce shrinking due to lower birth rates in later generations.

Employer Resources: US Employment Law

In the United States, employers are subject to a complex canopy of federal, state, and municipal laws. Although workplace laws may seem overwhelming, most address three basic employer obligations: nondiscrimination, maintaining a safe workplace, and respecting basic worker rights.

Career Counseling: An Overview

At a career crossroads? You may benefit from the professional help of an experienced career counselor.

How the ‘08 Election Will Change the Job Market

No matter your feelings about the 2008 election, most people agree that change is in the air. How will the election effect the job market and the economic climate? Nothing will change immediately, however there are some fairly significant developments to look out for after the inauguration. Some of these changes include the Employee Free Choice Act, changes in the auto industry, and job creation programs.

Career Advice: Reliable Sources

If you are a student or job-seeker, chances are you have been the recipient of a great deal of unsolicited advice. Your family and friends, though well-meaning, may not be the best career advisors. Always consider the source.

Military to Civilian Careers: Making the Transition

The United States is home to more than 1.4 million active duty service members,[1] half a million National Guard members[2], and 23.8 million veterans.[3] Protective laws and free resources are available to assist armed services members with this process, which can often be fraught with challenges.
At any given time, thousands of these men and women are in the process of transitioning from a military to civilian career, or returning to civilian life after deployment.

Veterans Groups Ask for More Transition Resources

This Veterans Day, veterans groups are asking the federal government and the private sector for more transitional resources for vets returning home from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have launched a new ad campaign aimed at returning veterans, designed to bring them to their not for profit website,

Writing a Better Thank You Letter

So, you’ve landed a job interview. The interview goes great, but now what? Do you wait and see? Do you harrass the recruiter daily? Should you send a thank you letter?

According to Don Straits of The Ladders, thank you letters are great but only if they serve another purpose. According to Straits, you should send a follow up letter that illustrates a point you made in your interview, addresses an interesting issue you discussed, or otherwise tells the employer more about you.

Unemployment Climbs Again: Good Days for Economics Majors

The BLS issued their October 2008 jobs report today. As expected, unemployment rose to 6.5 percent, nearly a half a percentage point more than September’s already dismal numbers. The healthcare and mining industry continued to add jobs, as they have throughout the summer and fall. This month, we’d encourage aspiring college students to add economics to their list of practical, recession-proof majors.

Responding to Anonymous Employment Ads

In today’s Seattle Times “Ask the Headhunter” column, a reader asked about “blind” employment ads. These are job postings with no employer name or contact information, just an anonymous reply-to email address.

September Job Trends: Get a Geology Degree

With all of the economic instability lately, September’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report showing unemployment holding steady at 6.1% can only be interpreted as good news.  However, given the numerous substantial changes to major financial employer

Considering a Military Career? Advice From an Expert

In these troubling economic times, a military career presents a solid option for many young people seeking education, training, and financial security.  In a recent article, the National Career Development Association offers advice from a former military

Disability Employment Awareness Month and Good News for Disabled Workers

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, a time to recognize the contributions of persons with disabilities and celebrate recent advances in disability law.Last week, President Bush signed into law the “ADA Amendments Act of 2008,” which

Financial Careers – What Now?

Concerned that your career in the financial sector may be going up in smoke?  Don’t worry too much.  (But have your resume ready.)According to Forbes, even massive layoffs such as those expected in the coming weeks happen on a relatively cyclical basis,