7 Tips for Freelance Writing Success

Freelance success

7 Tips for Freelance Writing Success

Have you discovered that you like writing? Do you often find yourself making up scenarios for different setups? Are you that one from the group who likes literature, reading, and storytelling?

You might have started to consider a freelancer career in creative writing. The freedom to work whenever you want and, most importantly, from whatever place you would like might attract you. Wouldn’t it be so nice to write a short story or a blog article while lounging on the beach?

Everything seems pretty simple. But, if you have no experience in the freelance writing field, where should you start? Which is the best way of organizing yourself and raising your chances of success?  There are a lot of tips and tricks that will help you start a successful freelance writing career.


Take Part in a Course

We all are prone to making mistakes and feeling fear. We should all learn not only from our mistakes but also from addressing our fears head-on. Such courses like a writing one could help you overcome that natural feeling of fear.

Investing in a writing course is always a good option. It is the perfect setup for you to learn some tricks useful for your next career. This type, of course, gives you an insight into writing frameworks and the psychology behind an article.

And if you are thinking about money, stop. A writing course will help you improve your skills so much, that after a week of freelancing the money will be back.

Be sure that this is an investment that is worth it. Do not overthink it; just make this next step to a successful freelancing career.

Meet Other Freelance Writers

There are a lot of meetups organized for people who want to network. Also, there are a lot of freelancers who work in a hub, along with other freelancers. Having the possibility to work from every place on this planet, why not choose a space where you can meet more people like you?

It is always nice to meet someone who has the same hobby or career pattern as you. It gives you that soothing feeling that you are not alone. And it is also a great opportunity to learn new useful tips and tricks.

Go to meetups and meet some awesome people who are living their life to its fullest. Make new friends and find new ideas and people that have the power to inspire you.

Start Working on Your Marketing Plan

If you are among the nerdy writers, this means that you only need the clients. It might be hard at the beginning to live in a world full of freelancers. But you must show that you are among the most skilled and most devoted.

Whether you have offered top essay writing services before or not, a marketing plan is always very welcomed. It will help you put a light on your skills and your personality, the key ingredients for successful articles or stories.

If you want to keep your business going, look at your core values, at your goals and actions. Set SMART objectives and take marketing actions.


Create Your Portfolio

You have skills, you have friends that can offer you feedback, you have a marketing strategy, all you need is some examples of your great work, the content that recommends you.

Others need to see that you work with passion and your creativity is unleashed. Start building an online portfolio full of stories or articles that represent you and your writing style. You can include various types of articles, from short stories, web content or content from your collaboration with Assignment Holic UK.

Another tip would be to start a blog where you can post all your articles.


Practice Self Discipline

Having a flexible schedule of work sounds great, but some of us might find this difficult. Analyze your routine and what distracts you. Find that time of the day when you enter your flow state and your productivity level is at its highest.

At first, you may be distracted by all kinds of things. Especially if you work at home, you will also want to cook, do laundry or watch your favorite TV series. Your time management skills will be put to test.

Take Care of Your Finances

As a freelancer, the volume of your work may vary. There will be times when you will have a lot to write and times when you don’t. That’s why the finance topic is so important.

Learn how to manage your finances to be prepared in case you do not have something to write. Money comes and goes, but if you want to make a living from working as a freelancer, you need to know when to save some money.

Find Your Passions

Apart from writing, do you have any other passions? Some topics you love writing or speaking about? Find those topics you love talking about and start writing about them. Maybe the easiest way is to find that niche where you are the master.

Whether you start with NinjaEssays or Essay Mama, every experience will considerably improve your writing skills and will help you become better and better.

You already know a lot, so writing articles on topics you love will be a piece of cake. As time passes, your area of expertise will become larger and larger. And the topics of your writings more multifarious.


In conclusion, a freelancer career is something that sounds so appealing, but there are some tips and tricks you should consider when you start your career. The most important thing is that you love what you are doing.

Joe McLean

Joe McLean works as a journalist and a social media manager. As a passionate marketer, he takes his job very seriously and writes a new article every week. Besides that, Joe is a father of two wonderful toddlers who occupy most of his spare time.

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