7 Hot Careers to Pursue in 2019

7 Hot Careers to Pursue in 2019

The hottest careers are being neglected by other online articles of this nature. Other articles are promoting the idea of renewable energy technicians and gender diversity officers, but the fact is that the hottest careers are the ones where you are in most demand. There is no point in going to college for seven years if your state only has three job opening for your position. The best jobs are the ones where employers are crying out for your skills, and those are the jobs that are covered by this article.


1 – Any Career in The Weight-Loss Genuine Medical Health Industry


A genuine career in the health industry, not one selling hocus-pocus weight loss cures, is a great career at the moment. This is especially true of the medical health industry for obesity and weight loss, and such a career is future proof. The proliferation of labor-saving technology means obesity and poor health are at epidemic levels all around the world, and people who deal with the health consequences of a more sedentary lifestyle are in hot demand.


2 – Marketing and One-To-One Sales


One-to-one salespersons and promoters are now scarcer than ever, and yet they are still the lifeblood of many industries, which is why it is well worth learning how to sell on a one-to-one basis. There are opportunities everywhere, from selling cars and mobile homes, to selling double glazing and orthopedic shoes. Good salespersons are worth their weight in gold to employers.


3 – Professional Game Developers


Modern big-named gaming titles are starting to make as much money as major Hollywood movies, and it is driving the need for more developers. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold $725 million worth of units during the game’s first three days of release. The Hollywood movie Venom (2018) made $213 million domestically during its entire run. In its first three days, RDR2 had overtaken Avengers: Infinity War as the biggest opening weekend of all time.


4 – Indie Game Coders and Developers


If you cannot get into a major game development office, then try an indie one. People are needed not just for coding, but for graphic design, technical layout, and a whole bunch of other processes that big game developers have their own departments for. Plus, the indie industry happily uses freelancers, which expands your possibilities even further. Some indie games have made record-breaking sales despite their lack of visual-graphic prowess, with the most notable being Faster Than Light (FTL) with over 5 million people buying on Steam alone, and who can forget the rampant success of MineCraft with over 140 million copies sold since 2011.


5 – Essay and Resume Writing


The stigma behind essay writing services and resume writing services is long gone. Students using writing services are now so common that students are even bragging about it on their Facebook pages, and that is despite the fact that colleges will penalize students who they believe have their essays written for them. According to the Resume Writing Service Resumeble, resume writers are always in demand because customers need resumes all year round, which makes it one of the most evergreen industries in the online world.


6 – Cryptocurrency Trading and Vending


If you were to go by the price of 2018 cryptocurrency, you would be forgiven for laughing at a career in Cryptocurrency trading, vending or mining, but there are billions of dollars’ worth of trades happening every single day (not just business days), and there are over 35 million known cryptocurrency wallets along with millions that people do not know about, (after all, you can create one on a piece of paper if you wish). Cryptocurrency is here to stay and so are successful careers in its surrounding industry.


7 – Care Workers


People do not consider a career in the care industry to be a hot career, but good care workers are very difficult to find. Caring for children and the elderly are considered less desirable jobs, and they are often low paid, which is why getting new staff is very difficult. If you have qualifications and experience in caring for the ill, elderly or caring for children, then you are always in demand. There will always be job openings for people with experience or qualifications in these fields, and they should be strongly considered, especially if you are a woman who may need to take a long break in her career for child rearing or family building because when employers will snap you up no matter how large the gaps in your employment record are.


Conclusion – Do Not Confuse Fastest-Growing Careers with Hottest Careers


Jobs such as solar energy and wind energy technicians are up over 100% from 2016 in the USA alone, but there are still only a handful of those jobs around the world. Stay skeptical when reading other articles about hot careers because the number of gender-studies qualifications has tripled since 2009, the start of the Obama administration, but many of those qualified people are now qualified and jobless. Trust to common sense and skepticism when searching for a hot career to pursue.

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