6 Trends Dominating HR Right Now

6 Trends Dominating HR Right Now

Human resources are the most important asset a business has. That’s why a company needs to make sure that their HR department is on the cutting edge of new technologies and gadgets. This area was always very much dependent on the advancements in tech and this will continue to be the case in the years to come.

This doesn’t mean that a company should jump on every new trend in the industry, but it’s important to stay in the loop and to remain aware of the changes in your field.

Natural language processing

The most boring and tiresome parts of the recruitment process are often the interviews done with the potential employees. This usually doesn’t do much in terms of deciding who will get fired, but it’s used to create a short list of candidates that might be able to fill the role you’ve planned for them.

The rise of natural language processing will allow companies to automate the process. Online chats done with the company will seem more natural and no HR personnel would be needed to handle them. At the same time, you’ll quickly learn which of the potential employees should go to the face to face interview stage.

Recruitment marketing

The recruitment market is already on the rise since it’s not easy to attract the best talent in any field. This means that your company needs to treat itself as a product and present itself to potential employees as a product they would be interested in.

The same rules apply as they would with any other marketing efforts. It’s essential that you use the technology you have at your disposal to learn about potential candidates and to target them superficially based on that information.

Rewarding employees

The company needs to work on keeping its employees loyal and treating them as the valuable resource they are. It’s much easier to direct your rewards to those who deserve it the most if their work is being done digitally and therefore tracked. The advancements in this technology are rapid and an average business gets a much clearer image of which of its employees are the ones to rally on.

There’s no need for these rewards to be expensive, at least for a small business who can’t afford it. Using a universal gift card as a small token of appreciation is sometimes more important since it proves that you’ve noticed their hard work.

Monitoring performance

Most employees leave their job because they don’t feel appreciated by the company they work for. That’s something that can be prevented and especially so by setting up a system that will keep track of the performance of each employee and provide you with useful data to base your decisions on.

The system established with this intent needs to be public and transparent. That will add to its performance. The system needs to perform in real time and be integrated with the aforementioned reward rules.

Working safely

It’s your most important duty to make sure that your workers are safe and that they work hard, but never by disregarding their health and personal life. New wearable devices will allow you to keep track of your employees individually and to make sure they are safe at all times.

These devices could also help with those working ordinary office jobs. It will show which of the office workers is too stagnant and therefore in danger of burnout problems. It’s sometimes enough to nudge their wearable device and remind them what their priorities should be.

Learning on the job

It’s important to note that your employees need to adapt to the new technology over time. All of these changes mean that your company will grow and evolve at almost all times and the employees both in the HR department and out of it need to adapt as well.

This may present a problem depending on the age of your employee and it will present an additional cost you need to factor in, regardless of how old the employees are. However, the technological developments are useless without the employees who use them, so that’s just something a business needs to handle.


HR is a key part of any business since the employees are an essential asset at your disposal. The department needs to be on the lookout for the latest technology that makes them more competitive in their industry and that makes life easier for your employees and managerial team.

The technology will mostly change around the few key inventions that are revolutionizing other industries as well – automation and AI being the most prominent of these. All of these will save quite a lot of money on HR expenses, but also change the way employees working in their fields see their job.

Carolin Petterson

Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.

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