5 Tips to Make Your Company’s Career Web Page Attract Top Talent in the Field

5 Tips to Make Your Company’s Career Web Page Attract Top Talent in the Field

Your company’s website is one of your most valuable assets in the online world. Your site is your brand’s image, your online storefront, and it could also be your most powerful talent acquisition tool. Provided that you design your careers page right, that is. As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you need to prioritize your finances and manage your budget wisely, which means that you need to invest in the right business opportunities. And your careers page is definitely one of them.

If you design it right, nail the messaging, and leverage your employees’ stories to generate social proof, you stand a chance at attracting the top talent in the industry to your business. Keep in mind that it takes much more than simply posting an open position on an existing web page, and instead it requires careful planning, strategizing, and development.

Let’s see what you can do right now to make your company’s career web page stand out and attract the best of the best.

Be as clear and precise as possible

First things first, what is the optimal structure for a careers page? For one, you need to keep it clear, concise, and to the point. But that doesn’t mean that you should necessarily skip over the important details for the sake of brevity. Instead, the best structure would be to put the most relevant information forward in bullet points at the top of the page, and then elaborate on each point.

This will not only provide detailed information to the inquisitive job seeker, but it will also help you optimize the web page for Google and higher ranking in the search results. The more text you have on the page, the more opportunity to weave in relevant keywords that will help get it in front of the right people.

Highlight your company’s perks and values

When people visit a careers page, the last thing they want is to see a simple block of text inviting them to send an email or call the office for more information. Instead, people want to get the relevant info right then and there, and then decide whether or not you’re worth the effort. That’s right, the job seekers are evaluating your business as much as you are evaluating them for their skills and expertise, so you have to make an effort.

To that end, it’s important to highlight the perks and benefits you offer, as well as the unique company values that set you apart from the rest. Keep in mind that you’re not using these values to boast about how great you are, but to give people a glimpse of an amazing brand they can be a part of, with values that will directly influence their work and their life in a positive way.

This is how you inspire the best of the best to turn down other offers and choose to work for you.

Build an optimized web page with mobile usability

Your careers page, much like your entire website, needs to boast a design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. Whether you’re building a new website or just a new web page, it’s important to work with professionals that specifically focus on optimizing pages for user experience, performance, and mobile usability. This is an important step in any competitive market, particularly in the US, Europe, and Australia.

In the Land Down Under, for example, business leaders can work with a website and app development agency in Sydney that will optimize their careers pages for seamless mobile viewing. This allows the company to stand out in their local market and reach the local target demographic. That said, the experts can also optimize the web page to target a global audience if you are hiring remotely.

It’s important that potential applicants are able to view your web page on their mobile devices easily, as the most talented professionals are always busy and are searching for new career opportunities on the go. Optimizing the page for mobile is also one of the best ways to make it rank higher, as Google puts a high emphasis on mobile-friendly websites.

Make it easy for people to apply right away

Another technical aspect of a winning careers web page is to allow potential candidates to apply for a position or send an inquiry right then and there. No, they don’t want to send you an email or give you a call, they want to fill out a well-designed form or click on a button to get in touch with you quickly. Ideally, this would be a live chat button.

As for the form, it’s important to keep it clear and concise, but detailed. You can also simplify the process further by allowing candidates to upload their resumes, in addition to filling out a couple of fields. If you’re trying to recruit college graduates who might not have a resume yet, then make sure to create a more detailed application form on the page.

Design employee testimonials and photos

There is no denying that good web design helps you build your brand, but it can also help you build a powerful employee brand. To achieve this, you need to rely on your loyal employees, their experiences and testimonials.

Your careers page should have a dedicated testimonials section and a place to put your employees’ stories. These could talk about the general work environment and the team, but also the specific processes that are relevant to each open position. This will give your candidates a lot of useful information that will influence their decision-making process.

Over to you

Building a good careers web page is much more than simply posting your email address and telling people to reach out. If you want to attract the best of the best to your business, make sure to follow these tips and create a careers page that will elevate your brand in a competitive industry.

Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston is an experienced blogger and editor with a background in creative writing and digital media. He’s produced thousands of pages of original, engaging content for numerous online publications throughout his career. Mike’s main areas of interest are business and technology, but he also often writes about lifestyle, careers, and work-life balance.

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