3 Ways to Use Twitter to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Twitter for Personal Brand

3 Ways to Use Twitter to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Twitter is one of the fastest ways to burnish your personal brand and, used effectively, you can gain a lot of followers in a short period of time. Having these followers expands your message and can set you apart as an authority in a specific area.

When considering using Twitter to enhance your personal brand, it’s best to be aware of exactly what message you’re putting out there. The truth is that whatever you say and/or do, along with whoever you interact with, has massive implications on your personal brand. If you handle Twitter the wrong way, you can forever impact your personal brand in a negative fashion. That being said, Twitter is an exceptional way to expose who you are and what you do to a new audience.

Don’t fret and forget about using Twitter. This is a fantastic device and is a powerful way to enhance your brand.

Here are three ways you can use Twitter to take your personal brand to the next level:

  • Hashtags. Find the hashtags that apply to your interest/business. These hashtags are great for getting your message out extremely quickly and effectively. Because these hashtags are viewed by tons of different users all at once, this is a great way to gain followers. The more followers, the more exposure your message gets.
  • Be Funny. This seems to be harder than it actually is, and 140 characters is difficult to build the joke and hit the punchline. That being said, it’s not impossible. Just be appropriate and usually a wry sense of humor works. If that doesn’t work, just be your natural self. Everyone is funny in their own way, and if you’re funny, you’re memorable.
  • Stick to a Couple Topics. The temptation with Twitter is to comment on everything. Avoid this at all costs. Find two or three topics that interest you and comment on them. If you like sports, follow sports sites and get yourself exposure there. Another great trick is to stick to your local area because that will build followers quickly.

Make sure that you use Twitter to build your personal brand. The fact is this is the most cost-effective way to build your personal brand quickly and effectively. The good news is you can take advantage of this opportunity right away.


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