3 Ways to Overcome the Fear All Freelancers Face

3 Ways to Overcome the Fear All Freelancers Face

Having a secure 9 to 5 job might be great for you at the moment. But is it fulfilling? Does your life have a sense of meaning and purpose? Do you feel happy working for someone else? These are the questions ambitious and creative people ask themselves all the time.

Quitting your 9 to 5 job might seem scary but at the end of the day, this is what you want. Majority of people all over the world spend their time working for someone or an organization they don’t like and buying things to please people they don’t like.

These people never get tired of singing the ‘thank God it’s Friday’ song every week. They walk into the workplace at the last minute and leave before the closing time. This is not how you want to spend the rest of your life. Your life is valuable. It’s the only thing you have on this planet. The last thing you want to do is regret on your deathbed because you failed to follow your dream.

If you want to succeed today, you should avoid doing what most people are doing. As the saying goes, the road travelled by many people always leads to failure and dissatisfaction. Take the path traveled by few successful people.

As australianwritings.net recommends, make your life a masterpiece by doing what you love every single day. Once you make the scary decision, opportunities will come from all directions. If other people have done it, so can you. This is what it takes to become a successful freelancer, musician, business person or artist.

Today, we are going to focus on the fears all freelancers face and how you can avoid them.

1. Fear of failure

This is the thing that holds most people back from achieving their goals. I remember feeling this type of fear when I moved out of my parents’ house with no secure job. I started off as a freelancer and worked my way out. It was quite challenging surviving on very little money at first. But I was determined to make it work. Since then, things have been quite smooth for me. If I did, you can too.

Every time you fail to make the decision, your fear grows bigger and it will ultimately take control of you. The one thing I’ve learnt is that everyone fears. Even the most successful people in the world fear. But they confront their fears. Just make the decision today. Face your fears as dissertation help recommends. Courage is a key trait of the most successful freelancers in the world. You cannot imagine a successful person who is not courageous.

When you make the decision to become a full time freelancer, you are going to fail very many times. All successful people fail. In fact, they fail much more than failures. The difference is they pick themselves up and learn the lessons. Failing is just as important as succeeding. Confronting your fears and failing isn’t as scary as regret.

2. Practice makes it perfect

According to assignment help, all freelancers fear rejection. Some of them avoid looking for new clients. When they do get clients, the thought of the client not loving their work keeps playing at the back of their minds. The fear of losing new clients terrorizes them. What can you do to come up with something that pleases all the clients you work with?

The first thing you should always remember is you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you work. Everyone is governed by different values and beliefs. The good side of it is that some people will be pleased by your work. You cannot control how the client thinks or feels about your work but you can control your own thoughts and emotions.

Get rid of all the negative thoughts and statements. And then do your work as best as it can be done. Let all your actions be efficient. If you give it your best shot, you’ll always have clients. Always under promise and over deliver.

To avoid inconveniences, send the client some of your samples so that he or she can gauge your abilities. If you get the job, do your best. Also, feedback and criticism will help you right your wrongs. Always take a client’s advice positively. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Keep doing your best every time out. Soon, you will have to turn down the number of contracts being offered to you.

3. Choose the company you keep

You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. It’s important to analyze the company you keep because it will determine your success or failure in the long run. A research conducted by essay writing service reviews found out that the relationships we hold determine as much as 85% of our success in life.

As an ambitious freelancer, you should have everything in check. So, how do you know if you are in the right company? Look at your results. Your results will never lie. You can tell people that you exercise and eat healthy food regularly but your waist size will have the final say. If you are not getting the results you want, look at your friends. Do they have goals? Are they striving to achieve them? Are they doing what they love? If the answer is no, you know what to do.

Also, good friends encourage you to become a better version of yourself. They encourage you to follow your dreams. They are always there to support you. If your friends do not support you in any way, it’s time to cut them off. To be successful, you have to pay the price in advance and in full. You also need to find other successful friends who will inspire and encourage you.

It’s better to stay alone than with people who are always dragging you down with them. According to essay editing service, your relationships will affect how you think and feel. And your thoughts and emotions will affect how you perform your work. Surrounding yourself with other successful freelancers will help you learn and practice success traits. When you improve yourself, your world will get better.


Becoming a full time freelancer is not easy at the beginning but you can do it. Only few courageous people take the plunge and they always succeed. Success leaves tracks and so does failure. If you do what other successful freelancers do, you’ll be successful. Confront your fears. Look at the company you keep and most importantly, change the way you speak to yourself.

Eugene Eaton

Eugene Eaton is a blogger and a writer in the past, who now works for https://topamericanwriters.com/customwritings-com-review/ and provides best dissertation writing services reviews. He spends the majority of the working time creating inspirational content and writes essays on different topics. Personally, he finds inspiration in good music and kind people.

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