3 Reasons Why You Should Create a Unique Resume for Every Job

3 Reasons Why You Should Create a Unique Resume for Every Job

Creating job resumes is time-consuming and difficult. What you’re doing is basically summarizing why you are the right person for a position. The temptation to create a universal resume is logical and often the seemingly efficient maneuver.

Except there’s a problem with this scenario. One-size-fits-all resumes are often shoved to the “don’t call” pile of a hiring manager’s office. Your qualifications may be perfect for the job but if your resume keeps getting shoved aside, then the problem isn’t that the hiring manager isn’t recognizing your aptitude for a position, but rather your resume is not effective enough at communicating why you are the right person for the job. Don’t waste your time applying for jobs with universal resumes. They’re proven not to work and simply waste your time instead of saving you time.

Instead of being that person who has a resume that never gets viewed, read these three reasons why your resume needs to be unique for every job advertisement:

  • Speak to Your Qualifications. There’s no better way to pique a hiring manager’s interest than to speak directly to the advertisement with your qualifications. Hiring managers enjoy being able to see exactly why someone will be a great fit. This is how you get your resume to the top of the heap.
  • The Personalized Touch. By foregoing the universal resume, you are showing the hiring manager that their job advertisement is important enough for you to take the time to craft a resume specifically for them. Hiring managers appreciate the personal touch. It makes you look like someone who will take the time and consideration to do the job right if hired.
  • Constantly Building Skills. If you keep writing personalized resumes, what will happen is you’ll keep note of your increasing skills and accomplishments, plus you’ll become a better resume writer! The more convincing you make your resume, then the more calls for job interviews await!

It seems like a stitch in time will save nine, but that’s not the case with universal resumes. They’re not well received and the time you think you save is spent on the never-ending job search instead of being spent on interviews.


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