3 Reasons Why Networking Gets You Great Jobs

3 Reasons Why Networking Gets You Great Jobs

Everyone harps on the importance of networking today, and because of this you’ve built a great LinkedIn page and go to various social events passing out your business cards, etc. You’ve built a great network of professionals in a variety of fields, and even garnered referrals from this group. You’ve benefitted from networking, but now you’re looking at getting a new job and wondering how networking will help you.

Your professional network is a boon. Having these people around you can be of great assistance in searching for a new job that either pays better or is in a better field or both.

The following are reasons why networking is a great way to assist you in getting that great new job:

  • The Pocket Listing. Usually great new jobs are offered to a candidate before the position is ever advertised. It sounds too good to be true, but think about great houses. Real estate agents often sell great houses using this technique called the pocket listing. Having a great network helps you immensely in this regard. Imagine your friend at a great company comes to you and says, “Hey, we have a position open that you’d be great at,” you’ll reply about applying, to which they say, “we’re not advertising it yet but my boss would like to interview you.” That’s a fantastic benefit of networking no one talks about.
  • Informal Interview. Because your network is vast and all-encompassing, you’ve already interviewed for many positions. Every time you speak with another professional don’t think of it as an interview, but a conversation. These conversations allow you and the other person to assess your qualities and in the back of their mind are trying to figure out if you’re a great fit for their company. The bigger your network, the more informal interviews.
  • Resume Building. When networking it’s important to keep in mind exactly what various professionals look for when evaluating candidates. Often, if you listen well enough you’ll notice there are different trends in building a resume. Understanding these trends means that your resume will pass muster on the 10-second test and all this insight cost you was an evening among friends.

Networking is a massively valuable tool for obtaining a new job. While everyone knows the benefits of networking, these unseen benefits are often the greatest rewards. Don’t go into your network seeking these different situations, but let the social interactions happen organically, and you’ll find that you’re turning down a lot of job offers until the right one comes along.


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