3 Great Resources to Help Negotiate the Salary of Your Dreams

Negotiate Dream Salary

3 Great Resources to Help Negotiate the Salary of Your Dreams

When a job offer comes through, the first instinct is to accept it excitedly. This is often the worst thing you can do because there are so many bad messages that are communicated by snapping up an offer. The most negative message is that you’re desperate and will do anything for a job!

The other temptation for snapping up the first offer is feeling out of your depth for negotiating the right salary, benefits and perks. The thing is, negotiating a compensation package is massively important. When done correctly, you assure your financial freedom in a particular career and by negotiating the right salary, you’ll be able to have freedom from the stress of constantly looking for a salary upgrade. There are many different components to negotiating the right salary.

This does sound incredibly daunting and it is. Nothing worth getting ever comes easy. Employers know this and purposely try to lowball prospective employees. If nothing else, this helps the company’s bottom line.

Here are three resources that will help you turn the tables and get that salary you deserve:

  • Salary.com -  This link takes you through the negotiation process with current advice to give you the edge in the negotiation process. The premise with this guide is all about coming to agreement on various elements prior to obtaining a salary figure. The rationale is by mutual establishment of the job description and performance standards goodwill is created. This goodwill helps salary negotiations proceed amicably.
  • Negotiator Magazine - This online resource provides you tons of information regarding the best practices to obtain the right salary. There’s literally everything available to help you negotiate the best salary for you. A great thing is this resource will help you throughout your journey, especially during raise negotiations.
  • College Grad - This is a fantastic resource for those who are in college and out of college. The goal here is burnishing your credentials so that when it’s time to negotiate a salary, an employer can’t say, “Well, you just don’t have experience.” Get the edge with this site, find the job/internship you want in the area you want. Build your advantage before sitting in front of the conference table.

Negotiating the right salary doesn’t need to be a mystery. Take the time to research and use these resources above. You’ll be happy that you took the time to get yourself the right compensation package.


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