Ex-speech therapist about new career: ‘Let them eat cake!’

Careers in Transition: Houston, Texas – After a career in teaching children with special needs, Ashley Neeson becomes the owner of her deceased father’s gingerbread business.  Daddy Ray’s gingerbread was first opened by her grandfather, Daddy Ray Elledge.  After his wife passed away in 2005, their son, and Ashley’s father, Dick Elledge, took over ownership.  In 2008 Ashley felt a strong familial obligation to her deceased father and grandparents to uphold the legacy of the family business.  She moved the bakery from its original location in Fort Worth to where she resides in Houston with her husband.

During the hectic holiday season, when most of her merchandise is purchased, he helps her at the shop in the evenings, after a long day of work at a real estate firm.  Daddy Ray’s gingerbread is still alive and well today, even in today’s exhausting economy.

Written by Amberly Scott

Find the complete Star Telegram article.

12.29.09 Transition by 'Emily Meeks'

Image by 'Emily Meeks'

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