10 Steps to Discover Your Natural Talents and Career Interest

Natural Talents

10 Steps to Discover Your Natural Talents and Career Interest

Without a doubt, deciding on a career path to take is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. While there is a saying that “It’s never too late” for any person to embark on any kind of endeavor, there is no denying the fact that people who plan and stick to a career path early on are the ones who end up being more successful than others who dilly-dallied with theirs.

This is why if you are determined to shape your ideal career path and, in turn, your future as soon as possible, one of the fundamental steps that you should take is to find out your talents. It is one of the effective means that you can use to learn your strengths and weaknesses, and, from there, gain a clearer view of the career path that you should take. Fortunately, you won’t find it difficult to do so if you simply follow the 10 simple steps to discovering your natural talents we have listed below.

1) Find out what piques your interest

Many people may not openly admit it, but a lot of us don’t really like our jobs. And, of course, this lack of love for what one does on a daily basis only leads to boredom, tedium, and, inevitably, dissatisfaction. The key to overcoming this is to discover activities that excite you–what stimulates your curiosity and what drives the positive energy in you. Most of the time, you also end up discovering a hidden talent in the process.




2) List what you are good at

Admittedly, even though we are interested in specific activities and undertakings, this doesn’t necessarily imply what we are good at it. This is why it is important for you to differentiate your interests from what you are actually good at. It is the most realistic approach and almost always serves to help you come to terms with your limitations.


Most of the time, you also end up discovering a hidden talent in the process


3) Don’t hesitate to take career tests

People often overlook the fact that there are actual tests to help one decide on the best career path. These tests, which often come in the form of a career programs assessment test and a self-assessment test, are efficient, as proven by the number of people who have taken them and have succeeded in their respective careers. You only need to find the best career test based on your natural strengths.


4) Always consider entering an internship as an option

If you are not too picky when it comes to salary, internships actually provide you with the best direct work experience you can get. Not only that, but they also give you a great opportunity to discover talents and skills, as well as start developing your social circle at work, and, in turn, gain valuable advice from colleagues. If you’ve found that you’re dissatisfied with a specific internship that you have chosen, then it probably wouldn’t be wise to consider going full-time in it.


5) Get advice from others and listen to their opinions

There is probably no better way to discover your talent and confirm that you are really good at a specific thing than by simply listening to what other people say about you. If you are being regularly complimented for doing something exceptional, isn’t it logical to assume that you are good at it?


6) Pay closer attention to what you do

The irony behind this is that, most of the time, we are not readily aware of something we’re good at simply because it’s something that comes easily to us, to the point that it almost feels we are “hard-wired” to do it. Have you done something lately that you got so immersed in that you have simply lost track of time while doing so? More often than not, it something that you should probably think about building a career on.


Have you done something lately that you got so immersed in that you have simply lost track of time while doing so?


7) Start keeping a journal

Journals can serve as a good way for you to handle the constant stream of thoughts that enter your head every day. In time, it won’t take long for you to start discovering patterns in the way you list them. These patterns, in turn, are bound to reveal not only your strengths and insecurities, but also activities that you are good at, which you were previously unaware of.


8) Develop your present skills

Again, it’s not all about discovering your interests and discovering new skills, but also about capitalizing on them as well by taking the time to hone them. Who knows? A previously undeveloped skill could very well bloom into a full-blown talent with time.


Think Positively


9) Think positively

Always keep in mind that every whole person has a specific natural gift and talent. What’s important is for you to discover them yourself. Do not allow yourself to be overcome by doubts and other negative thoughts, for they only serve to cripple you. Surround yourself with positive-minded people who are always ready to support you.


10) Allot some time (and space) to reflect on your life’s general direction

Sometimes this is all that people ever really need to decide on their ideal career path. This is the only way for you to gain deeper insights on your past successes and failures, your talents and current skills, as well as what you plan to do in the future. The key is to learn how to discipline yourself in letting go of, at least temporarily, your present worries and commitments.


Steve Bohler

Steve Bohler is the founder and head career coach at The Oxford Program. He holds an international certification in job and career transition coaching. He manages and guides various people looking to find their suitable careers. Steve’s passion is toward helping people discover their natural talents and natural vocation.

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